What Is League Of Legends?

League of Legends, aka LOL, is one of the most famous and top-tier mammoths in the gaming industry. This game was released back in 2009, developed by Riot Games

The company did not release the player count that it was housing until 2011, 32.5 million all-time users. In 2014, LOL had 27 million active players, playing the game daily, making it the most played game globally.

2015, in the recent World Championships, that game gathered a whopping 360,000,000 hours of live esports views. The following metric stated that an average fan watched the live e-sport games for at least an hour per session.

Now, it doesn’t end here too!

Currently, in 2020, the player count rose from 75 million to a staggering 115 million. It is good to know that there’s at least one game that is played every second.

The tournament had pool money of $75 million, and the cash prize reserved for the winning team was about $6 million!

By now, we all know the popularity and the metrics of this game. Let’s get towards what this game is:

About League of Legends Game

League of Legends often falls under the category MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). However, people sometimes even may refer to it as DotA (Defence of the Ancients). 

The game arena houses a total of 10 players in a single gaming lobby. The lobby has two teams consisting of 5 players in each. Matchmaking is a random process, even though you can play with your mates by sending them requests.

The Objective

The 5 players work as a team to do whatever needs to be done to protect their Nexus while destroying their opponent team’s located right near the spawning area when the game starts.

The challenging part is dealing with the macro-elements and keeping an eye in every direction followed by smart positioning, using the skill combos efficiently, and outsmarting the opponents all within a matter of time.

The key to victory solely depends on team coordination and attentiveness.

The Maps

The game mainly has 3 classic maps. Think of the most commonly played map as a square with your Nexus’s bottom-left corner and your opponent team’s top right corner. 

There are 3 lanes, mainly known as the top lane, mid lane, and bottom lane.

The lanes lead you to the enemy base and work the same for your opponents. However, all the lanes are guarded with turrets (protecting towers). 

There are 6 turrets on each lane, 6 x 3 = 18 turrets on a map. Out of those 18 turrets, 9 turrets belong to your team and the other 9 to your opponent teams.


  1. Summoner’s Rift (5v5) [square map]
  2. Twisted Treeline (3 vs. 3) [Bridge like arena]
  3. The Proving Grounds/The Howling Abyss [Circular map]


league of legends champions

At the start of each game, the players get to choose a champion from over 151 others. Every single champion has its strength, abilities, skills, and personality.

The champions fall under 6 common categories defined by the game. The champions are categorized as Assassins, Fighters, Mages, Marksmen, Tanks, and Support.

Most of the champions repeat under some categories. For example, the champion “Aatrox” can be used as a tank and a fighter.

The only way to know your best champion is to try it out in the arena and learn it. There are many champions to try out and learn, so it’s also why this game has held up so well to date.


League of Legends is a game of coordination and attentiveness. If used wisely, the champions are good, but it is excellent if used and paired wisely. 

For example, a tank and a marksman make the right combination.

6 categories and 152 champions are occupying all of them near-endless possibilities of experiments, every champion with one another.

You can see the simple thing if your champion lacks in damage dealing but can absorb lots of it. Then you can pair with another player with a champion with extraordinary damage-dealing abilities. 

You can distract the enemies and absorb their damage; meanwhile, your ally deals with them the damage.

Also, minions are an essential part of the game. They spawn from your Nexus and move towards the opponent base. The opponent team has minions too. 

Use minions to distract the turrets and damage it while it is busy attacking your minions. Stay as much as behind the minions if you are alone to add up some defense to your champion.


League of Legends has the largest Esports community on the planet. Hundreds of millions of fans watch the Championships as their favorite pro teams and players compete against numerous other teams. 

With millions of dollars on the lines and millions of eyes watching the game, it’s fair enough to say that it’s the most glorious e-festival. 

Are you planning on trying out this game? Save the planning part for the arena. See you on the battlefield! Happy gaming.

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