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League Of Legends Replays

The League of Legends replay function enables the players to analyze their play in the arena by watching it again as a spectator. It’s much like a movie playing in front of you, but the only two differences are that – it’s a game, and you are watching yourself play the game.

Some functions like a chat box and voice communication are not available while watching the replays.

Being one of the League of Legends players at times, it becomes a necessity for us to show our insane plays as replays after an arena brawl. We aren’t certain whether our teammates watched the replays or not, but it is still possible to show them via the League of Legends replay function.

This feature makes sure your high IQ play doesn’t get missed when it’s your time to shine in front of your teammates.

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What Is The League Of Legends Highlight Function?

The game’s highlight function is much more focused on the efficiency of just monitoring the specific plays that you encountered or initiated while in the game. It is not like the replay function, but this feature allows you to choose specific scenes in the game. However, you still need to download the video from the replay function, after which you can choose which scenes to keep and cut out.

How To Use League Of Legends Replays

The replay function in LoL doesn’t always require you to tweak any client panel settings or while inside the game. However, if you want to get the recordings by using the replay function, you will have to follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Once the match finish, you will need to go to your match history to see a download button. Choose the match you want to replay and click on the download button in front of that reply.

download League Of Legends Replays

Step 2: Now, wait for your download to finish. This would take some time depending upon your internet’s downloading speed.

Step 3: Your match will now show you some specific replays, which you can either re-watch or edit using the highlight feature.

Note: This function doesn’t exactly download the file in a usable format. It gets downloaded in .rofl format. So, you’ll have to use the highlight feature prior, after which you can get a usable file format to either watch or upload.

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How Do I Use The Highlights Feature?

Once you have successfully downloaded the replay video, you are now ready to go ahead and cut out the highlight you need from any desired match. To do this, you will need to continue with the steps below after you have followed what we discussed under the heading – showing the replay (above).

Step 1: Open the desired replay video in your match history.

Step 2: Now, you need to go to the start of the scene that you plan to record and click the red button on the left-hand side of your screen. Once you have recorded the needed parts of your gameplay, click on the red button, and doing this will automatically save the highlight.

save the highlight

To view that highlight that you just finished recording, continue with the few last steps given below.

Step 3: Go to your computer’s Documents folder and search for a folder named League of Legends.

Step 4: Open the League of Legends folder, choose the replays folder, and choose the highlight you want to check out. This file, too, is not in the playable format, due to which you cannot edit or upload it anywhere. However, you can convert it using some video file converter anytime.

Tip: You can also save a match highlight by going to your profile in your LoL account. There you can select the desired match and proceed to save it’s highlight. All you have to do after that is hit the “download” button. This button is located on the right-hand side of the game. Once you hit the download button, the download will begin.

How To Change The File Location Of Replays And Highlights?

If the default storage path is making your work of finding and going through the replay and highlight files hard, then you can specifically choose any path of your choice and save the replays and download the highlights there instead.

Step 1: Head over to the League of Legends settings from your client area. The client area settings are located inside the gear icon on the upper-left corner of your screen.

Change The File Location Of Replays And Highlights

Step 2: Now, go to the replays tab and choose either the Replays Location or Highlights Location.

Step 3: Choose the desired location where you plan to save your replays or highlights in the future. However, even if you change your file’s location, you still need to play it from the League of Legends replay function of your client.

Your replay files are saved as .ROFL files by default. You can pin point the location of these files by going to the settings menu in the LoL client.

To get to that area, click the cog-like looking icon which as also referred to as the “settings” icon. You will see “Replays” on the left-hand side of your screen. As you click on it, you will come to a folder where both the Highlights and Replay locations are stored. You can now navigate to the specific ones, or change them – it’s entirely up to you.

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How Big Are League Of Legend Highlights?

A typical League of Legends game lasts for around 25 minutes and sometimes may even cross the 40-minute mark. This is the reason why the League of Legends files is big. A 30-second game replay can measure around 10 MB to 18 MB depending upon your set resolution to get an idea.

So, if you want to save some space, then there is no other way than actually lowering your game download file resolution. However, you can use any video editing software to convert the file after finishing the downloading process.

Video Quality Of Highlights

By default, in the beginning, the video quality of highlights is set at a fixed 720p. You can adjust the resolution by heading over to the settings menu while you are watching a replay video.

You can adjust the resolution before you start downloading it. Also, note that your internet or PC may have a hard time recording the video replay or highlight if the resolution is set higher than the recommended amount.

Other Methods Of Recording Gameplay

1. Screen Recording:

Screen Recording

You can opt out of the screen recording applications like Nvidia GeForce Experience. It is a default application when you are using an Nvidia GPU. This application allows the users to record the gameplay in real-time. This means that functions like voice command ad chat functions are also displayed in the video.

2. Streaming Apps:

Streaming games is nowadays a popular source of income for many well-known gamers that provide excellent gameplay content. If you plan to make your gaming career profitable, then streaming might be a really good option for you. 

Applications like OBS studio allow you to record your gameplay in real-time for everyone to watch in real-time as well. Recording yourself while playing games is a great move, too, since the viewers get to see your reactions while playing games. This also adds a human touch to the entire streaming process.

3. Video Editing Software

You can also use some video editing software to record the highlights of your game. This software helps you compile and create a great montage of your past gameplays or even helps you edit the normal gameplays with ease and flexibility. A simple google search can bring you the best video editing software list, especially for your gaming purpose. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does LoL have a built-in game recorder?

Yes, LoL does have a dedicated, built-in game recorder so that you don’t have to do anything more than playing the game itself. All you have to do is start the recording and stop the same when it’s done.

These recorder files are referred to as the “Highlights”, and they are in the .webm format.

You can locate the saved highlights on your PC by going to the following location:


What is the default video recording quality in LoL?

Highlights, by default, are recorded in 720p. However, you can toggle between in-game options to set the video quality according to your needs. You can adjust these settings while in-game or right before watching a replay.

What is a .webm file?

A .webm is an open-sourced video file format. It can play with HTML5, which means you can drag and drop the files in the tabs of your browsers, and they will start playing on their own. You can also use the VLC media player.

Can I download replays from other players?

Yes, you absolutely can! If you plan to download the ranked replays, then move to your friend’s profile and grab those replays from their “match history” tab.

Can you replay all the games in your match history?

Sadly, no. You have the flexibility to replay the last 20 games.

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