How To Show Ping In League Of Legends?

This article is all about how you can show ping in League of Legends if you are unable to see it in the first place.

Riot Games has been rolling out new updates every now and then and since the release of the game. These new updates changed the client to make the overall experience user friendly and easy to move around.

League of Legends has numerous interface options that players can use according to their needs and elevate their own gaming experience. 

However, not all of them come activated by default with the update. You’ll have to manually activate a few options to use them. Don’t get confused here! In almost every case when someone downloads the game they are able to see their ping count by default from the start without applying any extra settings.

However, in some special cases some players are unable to see their ping count by default and If you want to learn the manual and alternate way of showing ping in League of Legends, then keep reading.

What Is Ping In League Of Legends

In almost every gaming community situated on earth, ping refers to the game’s connectivity with the server. In League of Legends, you can check your ping on the top right corner of the screen while in the game.

Ping is measured in milliseconds (Ms). If you see number 20 as you ping, then it means that it takes 20 milliseconds for the data to reach your game.

What Affects Your Ping?

Your ping depends on your internet connection. The more fast your connection is, the lower your ping will be. Generally, a ping around 20 is considered ideal, 60-70 is deemed Ok, and anything above 100 is a disaster as far as gaming in considered.

Sometimes your internet may be fine, but it can be the weather conditions that may be causing the high ping problem, so look for that at times.

How You Can Show Ping In League of Legends?

When you download the game and create an account, your ping will show up on its own. However, if, due to some reasons, ping isn’t showing up, all you’ll have to do is press the Ctrl + F buttons, after which it will appear on the top right corner of your screen.

If you tried the Ctrl + F combo and still the ping hasn’t appeared on your screen, then you might want to follow the steps listed below to fix the problem:

Step 1: Press the Esc button on your keyboard. This will open up the Options Menu.

Step 2: Go to the Hotkeys menu and scroll down until you see the display settings on your screen. Then click on the + icon, which will display the options like player movement, camera control, display, communication, and menus. 

But here, we will be focusing on the ‘toggle FPS display’ option, which falls under the parent option Display.

Step 3: Fill in the shortcut key of your choice that you would want to use to toggle the FPS display. You can use any key or combinations as per your choice, but the default option you will see would be (Ctrl + F).

How You Can Show Ping In League of Legends

Once you have done this, click on ‘Okay’ and press the shortcut key you dedicated for that action to display your FPS and ping.

Am I Limited To Do This Only While In-Game? 

Well, the answer is no. You can do this while you are in your client area or menu. The options and their overall layout are the same as what we saw above. 

What we recommend is that you should start a practice game first so that you get a chance to check if you’ve correctly fixed the shortcut keys to avoid unwanted hassle while in the actual game.

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How Can I Improve My Ping For Better Gaming?

There are a handful of ways that you can use to improve your ping in the games that you play. 

  • Switch to a faster and much more reliable network provider, or if your monthly plan isn’t sufficient, you can always upgrade it. 
  • Close any extra download tasks or internet relying on services while in the game.
  • Switch to a server that closer, like if you live in Europe, then by default your server will be set as Europe, but if you face high ping problems, then look up the server that you are based on and change it to Europe (if you live in Europe) if it is set on something else. The closer the server, the quicker it is to transfer the data. 
  • Check your LAN cable whether connected with your PC correctly or if you use wireless connectivity, then move closer to your Wi-Fi. Thick walls and obstructions can affect your data transmission speed.
  • Check if the weather is bad, like hurricanes, lightning storms, heavy rains, or typhoons, which can sometimes interfere with your internet speed.

So, this is precisely how you can check your ping in League of Legends. Do share this article with your friends and family if it is helpful for you in any manner. 

Please stay connected with us for such informative posts which we will be posting on frequent basis. Happy gaming!

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