How to Play League of Legends?

Are you thinking of playing League of Legends? If yes, then this article is for you. League of Legends housing over 117 million active players is growing day by day, it is one of the most popular as well as playing games in the world.

If you want to play like a pro from the very beginning and shine like a star among the whole team, then we have got some brilliant tips compiled for you to use in the game. First, we will discuss the login process for the game, the basic mechanics of the game, and then learn some tips that will surely improve your game.

The basic requirements to play League of Legends:

  1. A computer (Windows or MAC)
  2. Keyboard and a Mouse
  3. A robust internet connection

Note: This game is now available for Android and iOS, not just for PC. If you are an Android user, you can easily install it from Google Playstore, and iOS users can install it from App Store.

League of Legends Maps and Gaming Time Per Map

There are currently 4 maps in the game. Each map requires an estimated amount of time to finish a game, which we have discussed below.

Sr. NoMap NameTime
1.Summoner’s Rift30-45 minutes
2.ARAM20-30 minutes
3.Twisted Treeline20-30 minutes
4.Crystal Scar/Dominion15-25 minutes

How to Install League of Legends on a PC (Windows/Mac)

Step 1: First of all, open your preferred browser. (I am using chrome here)

Step 2: Go to the official League of Legends website. (The offical website of League of Legends is

How to Install League of Legends on a PC

Step 3: Click on the “Play now” button located at the screen’s top right-hand side.

Step 4: Now, enter your email address and click on the “Start” button.

Step 5: Fill in your birth date in the series like day >> month >> year. Note: You must be at least the age of 13 to play this game.

How to Install League of Legends on a PC

Step 6: A screen will open up where you will be asked to enter your username and password. After filling in the credentials, accept the game’s terms and conditions by checking the boxes and click on “Next.”

How to Install League of Legends on a PC

Step 7: After this, you can install the game on your computer by clicking on the “Download for Windows” button and if you use Mac, then click on “Download Mac installer.” It measures around 9GB at the start.

How to Install League of Legends on a PC

Step 8: The game setup file is EXE for Windows and DMG for Mac. It will automatically download on your computer when you click on the download button.

Step 9: Now, once the installer file is downloaded, double click on it and:

  • Windows: Click on Yes when prompted, click Next, make sure you check on the I agree box, and then click Next. Click on Finish at the last when prompted.
  • Mac: Verify the downloaded file if needed by your system, then click and drag the League of Legends icon onto the Applications folder icon and place it there.

Step 10: Now, please wait for the game to install on its own. Sometimes you may need to install a software patch that generally fixes some bugs or improves a specific area of the game. Generally, you will see a popup in such cases.

Step 12: Now, sign in to your account by filling in the credentials that we set earlier on the browser while installing the game.

Step 13: At last, if prompted, enter your username and click on enter to finally start playing the game.

That’s how you can install League of Legends On A PC

Learning How to Play League of Legends

1. Starting with the Tutorial Mode

League of Legends Tutorial Mode

The best way to learn faster is by playing the tutorial matches. To start playing the tutorial, click on the play button at the top of the screen. Then click on tutorials and further select its type that you would like to play. This part is essential as you can grasp the game better and quicker.

2. Understanding the Basics of the Map and Positions

League of Legends Map And Positions

To play better, one must have a proper understanding of the map. You don’t need to become an expert overnight, but learning the basics of the arena you will be playing in adds to your team’s advantages.

Every map has 3 lanes such as – the top, middle, and bottom line. The rest of the area is a jungle. You will slowly start giving importance to the lanes depending upon your champion type and playing style with your increasing level.

Here are the five main positions that you’ll focus on after reaching level 25 and the way up:

Top: The tanks or fighters usually occupy the top lane. This category of champions can take a good deal of damage in close range and are sustainable at this exact position. Plus, players can frequently move downwards upon a team fight or to provide a defense.

Mid: A tank and a marksman usually occupy the mid lane. Both make a great combo and can rule the lane easily with good communication and coordination. 

Jungle: The jungle is generally occupied by the assassins thanks to their damage-dealing abilities. Assassins can rule the jungle if used wisely. They can deal large amounts of damage in almost no time. Plus, jungles are also responsible for looking after any of the three lanes from time to time to provide a defense and add to the kill numbers.

Support: As the name suggests, supports have a simple yet important role in supporting the other players. Supports mostly occupy the bottom lane and pair up with almost every teammate to increase the support. Keeping the team alive is one of the important roles of being a support.

ADC: ADC’s are known for their attack damage. ADC and support make a good pair on the bottom lane. The main goal of an ADC is to farm as many minions as they can and increase their attack damage by buying new gear with time.

3. Memorizing the Hotkeys

League of Legends Hotkeys

As soon as you start to level up and are somewhere around level 30, some hotkeys should be stored in your muscle memory, which will help you outperform your enemies in close battles.


S: Stops you from doing anything, like attacking minions.

G: This enables you to send pings to your teammates.

Y: By pressing this key, you can Lock/Unlock the camera on your champion.

B: In tough situations, this key helps you get back to the base by teleportation, referred to as “recall” in the game.

P: This key opens up the shop window. This is generally used to check the prices of the items available in the shop.

Tab: The Tab key opens up the stats page for the current game. You can see the kill count of every single player in the match and more details.

F, D: These are your two summon spells

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6: These numbers represent your items. Only press this if a specific item has an active ability.

Q, W, E, R: The 4 main ability

Alt + Q, W, E, R: Enables you to cast spells or use abilities on yourself.

Shift + Q, W, E, R: Enables you to cast spells or use abilities wherever you keep your cursor.

Ctrl + Q, W, E, R: Levelling up the ability of your choice without clicking on it manually.

4. The First 5 Levels

League of Legends First 5 Levels

The first 5 levels are crucial from the point of view of learning the keys and knowing the game. You also have to be at least a level 5 player to access most game options like player vs. player matches. 

Everything before level 5 is just trying out new champions and testing them, finding the right one for you to stick to for a few games, and slowly and steadily mastering it. The thing is to keep experimenting with what champion suits your style better and make sure you eventually find a favorite one.

5. Picking a Champion

Picking A Champion

Initially, when you start the game as a beginner, you should try as many champions as possible. After that, shortlist the ones that you enjoy playing with and also perform better. Picking a champion isn’t a strict and monitored process. 

Just pick the one which is your favorite and play five, ten, fifteen, and even twenty games with it. Slowly once you master the champion, move and try out the others.

There are a total of 152 champions in the game, so basically, you’ll be pretty busy if you are on the journey of mastering even half of them. Keep playing with the abilities, and don’t be afraid to try out new combos.

6. The League of Legends Language

League Of Legends Language

If you are planning to be a smooth communicator among the team, make sure you have the League language dictionary revised properly. Not only will it help you communicate faster, but it will add up to your fame as a League Legend Player.

Bait: Baiting is done to lure your enemies into attacking you. This is usually done by tricking them into thinking that you are isolated and apart from the team’s rest. The scenario is the opposite.

Once they use their spells and attacks on you, your teammates back you up and add the opponent to the kill number.

CS: Creep Score is the number of minions that you have killed in a game.

CC: Crowd Control is the ability that limits the enemy champion’s abilities and attacks by limiting them. Using this ability usually stuns them, makes them unable to move or interferes with their vision, and sometimes even disarms them.

Drag: Drag refers to the jungle king whom the champions kill and receive bonuses that add to their performance. The next time if you see “Drag” in the chats, it means your buddy needs your help to kill the dragon.

Kiting: This is a term referred to as an act of running away from your enemies but simultaneously dealing them damage. Most of the marksmen in the game use this strategy when they are on their own.

KS: KS refers to Kill-Steal. Most of the time, this thing leads to cursing in the game, which is ok. When someone types KS and refers to a player, that means that the referred player stole the kill of the person who typed it. Man! we all hate that.

Leash: This is often seen as a signal that your teammate needs some help in the jungle. Teamwork is everything in the game, and if the next time you see Leash typed in your chats area, better go and help your fellow teammate with the jungle.

MR: MR stands for magic resist. This is when the opponent team’s mage casts a spell on you, and you avoid it by either stunning them or using a counter-attack. The next time don’t forget to type MR in the chat box when you outperform a mage in the battle.

OOM: OOM stands for out of mana. Mana can be seen as an elixir that keeps your abilities filled up. Once you use your ability, it takes time again to be used.

Type OOM in the chats to let your teammates know that it’s not the best time to initiate a fight, given that your abilities are under the cooldown effect.

Wave Clear: As the game time goes on, increasing champions frequently clear an entire wave of minions in a single sweep. This action is referred to as Wave clear. 

The list is not over yet, but these are the ones that you will see the most in the chats, and by chance, if you spot a new League language in the chats, don’t be afraid to ask the meaning.

Tips for League of Legends as Beginner

1. Staying Behind the Minions

You are the king/queen, and minions are your soldiers. Let them do their job, which is to take damage that was supposed to be dealt with you. Once the opponent is almost out of his abilities, it’s time when you hit as hard as possible. Wise ones try to avoid the smallest of the hits.

2. Stay Out of Enemy Turret Range

Minions are built to protect the champions in the game. They serve their masters by taking the turret damage while you, as a master, deal the damage to the turrets to destroy them. Never try to attack a turret without the minions.

Turrets deal whopping amounts of damage, which keeps increasing with every other attack. Let the minions act as a distraction while you take down a turret.

3. Survival is the Priority

The more you get killed by your opponents, the more gold and experience they gain, which adds up to their advantage as it enables them to purchase better and powerful gears more quickly.

On the other hand, dying also takes you out of the battlefield for a while and not to mention that the more you die, the more time it takes for your champion to get back into the battlefield.

“Flash” spell helps you teleport over a shorter distance. It can be a great survival tool if you get ganked in the game next time, and it’s hard to get out of the situation.

4. Communication is the Key to Victory

While you play the game, it’s better to keep an eye on the chat area and note the calls or indications given by your teammates. The second most priority after being attentive to your surroundings is attentive to call-outs.

Sometimes a good team may lose simply because of less or almost no communication. If you are a part of the team which is dead communication-wise, try to start the communication yourself. Guide the team towards safety and help them spot dangers. Slowly they will start to reciprocate too.

5. Farm, Farm, and Farm

Farming can be seen as an opportunity to grab some gold while you destroy towers or move towards your teammates. If you see minions and no one around, don’t even hesitate to slash them in a single attack and fill up your gold reserves.

Farming is an investment that will help you in the brutal fights by making you a level higher than others giving you a better advantage over others.

6. Master a Champion, then Move on to Others

I mean, trying different characters is fun and games until you notice that you haven’t mastered a single one. Pick your favorite champion and use it in games over and over until it’s abilities get stored in your muscle memory. 

At times playing a champion over and over can get boring. That’s when you move on to the other one and start grooving with it. There are 152 champions currently in the game, so it’s a better move to master at least a few of them to dominate the arena.

That’s how you can install and play League of Legends. We hope this article helped you. If the article is helpful for you in any manner, then do share it on social media.

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