How To Make Cookies In Minecraft? (Minecraft Cookie Recipe)

This article is all about how to make cookies in Minecraft using the cookie recipe or command. A cookie in Minecraft is a food item that players can acquire in large quantities. Each cookie is capable of restoring up to 2 hunger points when consumed.

However, please don’t consider them as very filling food in the game like pork chops or steak. The tricky part about this recipe is finding the cocoa in the jungle; once you have done that, the cookie recipe is cheap and easy to make.

How Can You Make Cookies In Minecraft?

Step 1: Gathering The Cocoa Beans:

Gathering The Cocoa Beans

Cocoa beans can be found in the jungle biome in Minecraft. Cocoa beans only grow in these jungle biomes. These Cocoa beans are highly likely to appear near the moderate temperature biome zones like plains, swamps, and forests. Jungles are super easy to identify as they consist of extra tall trees. However, it can take some time to find it in some other worlds.

Tips For Locating A Jungle Quickly (or new biomes)

Sail across the coastline and adjust your render distance to the farthest. This is a great way to find new biomes or jungles, in this case, quickly. Despite this, if you are having a hard time looking for a jungle or any desired biome, you can always download a mapping tool such as Amidst for Minecraft. However, this tool is limited to the computer edition only.

Step 2: The Cocoa Pods:

You can look out for the Cocoa pods on the sides of the jungle trees. The Cocoa-pods follow three stages of growth. The small pod, green cocoa pods, and the last one large cocoa pod. The green pods only give you one bean, whereas the large pod gives you up to two or even three cocoa beans. One cocoa bean can be used to make up to eight cookies in Minecraft.

Step 3: Farming Cocoa Pods:

For an infinite source of cocoa beans – save a couple of cocoa beans and chop down some jungle tree wood logs. Once you arrive at your base, use the cocoa pod on the jungle woodblock side and wait for it to grow larger. There you have your infinite source of cocoa beans.

Step 4: Combining Cocoa And Wheat:

To start growing Wheat, you will need farmland. Use a hoe on a patch of grass or dirt to turn it into fully-functional farmland to produce Wheat. If you have Wheat in the first place, then place these ingredients in the crafting table in a horizontal row like Wheat, cocoa bean, and Wheat, again. To get a cookie.

You can also find the Wheat on the village farm where you can gather it, but if you are looking for a sophisticated way to do it, you can always have your farmland.

Step 5: Water Supply And Light:

Place the water in four blocks in the farmland on the same level as that of your land, you can also place the water one level higher than the farmland level. Once the water is placed this way, the farmland will turn to a darker color, which means it has been watered.

You also need to keep the farmland bright, meaning exposed to light, or you can also use torches. You can leave the water while the Wheat is in the growing process. It will continue to grow if the farmland dries out, but the only downside is that it will take longer.

Step 6: Planting Seeds:

Once you have the light and water thing in the above step sorted now, it’s time to plant some wheat seeds. Tallgrass can drop seeds each time you break it.

The fastest way possible to gather your seeds initially is by pouring water on a tall grass field that breaks them all at once. Each seed gives you one Wheat. To make one cookie, you will need at least two wheat seeds and a cocoa bean.

Step 7: Harvesting:

After sufficient time passes, two to three Minecraft days, the seeds will turn into tall yellow wheat stalks/grass. Now, you can break these and move them to your inventory. Be careful though, breaking them at an earlier phase will only give you seeds, not Wheat.

Fact: Wheat has four stages of growth in the pocket edition and up to seven stages of growth in the computer edition.

Step 8: Making the Cookies:

make cookies in minecraft

Each recipe requires two wheat and one cocoa bean. Combining these three items gives you eight cookies. Place these ingredients in a horizontal line in this order: Wheat, cocoa bean, and Wheat, again. To get a cookie.

Do you know what it’s worth after making the cookies? Watch the crumbs fly as your character eats them. Cookies have the lowest saturation level, giving the least amount of hunger and saturation once consumed. We hope this article about how to make cookies in Minecraft helped you in the venture of making cookies in Minecraft.

Happy gaming!

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