How To Make Concrete Powder In Minecraft?

In this article, we will learn how to make concrete powder in Minecraft easily. You can also create concrete powder in 16 different dye colors.

The concrete powder is a solid block similar to that of a dragon egg, sand, anvils, and gravel. It comes in 16 standard dye colors. It can be easily mined with bare hands or any appropriate tools, but if you want to take the game to another level using a shovel is the best and the quickest move.

Let it be in real life or the game; concrete is a sturdy building material that helps you build your dream house or mansion. In the game, you can easily choose up to 16 different colors for your concrete.

Supported Minecraft Versions And Platforms:

PlatformVersion of the gameAvailability
Java Edition1.12Yes
Bedrock Edition1.1 (PE and Windows 10), 1.48, and 1.49 (PS4-5)Yes
Education Edition1.0.18Yes
Wii UPatch 23Yes

Requirements For Making Concrete Powder:

  • 4 gravel
  • 4 sand
  • 1 dye (any color)

How You Can Make Concrete Powder In Minecraft?

Here, we will first choose a dye, then move towards making the concrete powder, and then finally, we will see how you can use that very powder to make concrete blocks.

Step 1: Choose Your Desired Dye.

Aesthetics are always better in Minecraft, so before you directly start making the concrete powder, choose one or more dye colors for your concrete powder.

The colors available to dye are red, blue, green, yellow, orange, lime, light blue, cyan, magenta, purple, black, brown, pink, grey, light grey, and white.

Step 2: Crafting The Concrete Powder

Crafting The Concrete Powder

To create a concrete powder, you will need to use the crafting table. Once you have your crafting menu ready, you will need to add the requirements to it.

You need to follow a pattern while placing the items, which is like, place the dye color in the first square starting from the left, then place sand blocks one in each box until you place four gravel blocks in the last remaining four blocks.

Step 3: Turning Concrete Powder Into The Concrete

As soon as the concrete powder block comes in contact with water, it hardens and turns into a concrete block. You can use the flowing water and place the concrete powder block near it, and voila, there you have your concrete.

Note: Water from rain, water bottles, and cauldrons will not harden your concrete powder into the concrete.

Tip: Concrete needs to be mined with a pickaxe, or the block will be lost.

Well, Not only did you find out how to craft concrete, but additionally a way to create different types of it. For adornment functions, the vivid and robust concrete colors make it worthy. Its blast resistance is significantly lower; however, its hardness is marginally beyond stone. Feel free to comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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