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How to Make an Observer in Minecraft?

Are you thinking of making an Observer in Minecraft but don’t know the exact process? If yes, then don’t worry. Below in this article, I have shared the exact step-by-step process I use to make Observer in Minecraft.

An observer in Minecraft is used to detect changes in neighboring blocks, and it emits a Redstone signal when a block or fluid changes and requires a pickaxe to be mined.

The placing of an observer in Minecraft is similar to a piston. The observer observes the block that is placed opposite it. The detecting side of an observer has a texture that of an observing face.

It can also detect the state of other observers, placing two observers adjacent to each other, both facing each other, and can create a fast and compact Redstone clock that sends out a pulse.

Observer in Minecraft

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Required Materials for Making Observer

  • 6 cobblestone
  • 2 Redstone dust
  • 1 nether quartz

Now you may think about where you will get the materials. Below I have shared the exact method of getting the material required to craft an observer and crafting an observer. 

12 Steps Craft an Observer in Minecraft?

It’s an effortless task to make an observer with the right ingredients. Here is a quick overlook of the process you need to follow to craft observer:

  1. The first thing you need to do is that you need to get two Redstone dust
  2. Then you will need to get six cobblestones.
  3. And then you need to craft 1 nether quartz

By placing all 3 ingredients, including 6 cobblestones, 2 Redstone dust, and 1 nether quartz, you will be able to craft an observer. Follow the below process to get all 3 ingredients and to make an observer.

To get the Redstone, you must find and mine some Redstone ore. Before that, you will need to craft an Iron pickaxe to start the process. To make an iron pickaxe; you must prepare a wooden pickaxe, and you will need two sticks and three wooden planks.

After gathering all the required materials, you can put them on your crafting table with 3×3 crafting grids in a particular pattern. Place the three wooden plans on the top row of the crafting table and two sticks in the center of the middle and the bottom row.

wooden pickaxe

This will result in a wooden pickaxe in the box beside the crafting table and adding it to the inventory. After that, you must upgrade this wooden pickaxe into a stone pickaxe. To upgrade it, it will require three pieces of cobblestone.

Now to get cobblestone, as you might know, you will need to mine three pieces of stone in a cave (mine some extra cobblestones so that you use them in the recipe of an observer).

stone in a cave

To craft a stone pickaxe, you need to place all the ingredients similarly to before with the wooden pickaxe. Place the three stones on the top row and two sticks in the middle and bottom row center. Add the stone pickaxe to the inventory.

craft a stone pickaxe

After this, you need to upgrade your pickaxe into an iron pickaxe. This will help us in the mining of the Redstone ore. The ingredients that we will need to make an iron pickaxe are three iron ingots and two sticks.

You can have the iron ingots by getting three iron ores from your mine and smelting them in a furnace. Remember that one iron ore will only give you one iron ingot.

Craft iron pickaxe

Now place the ingredients on the crafting table as done in the past for all the pickaxes. You will get an iron pickaxe and add it to your inventory. Now find the Redstone ore and mine it with an iron pickaxe, and will get the Redstone dust.

The last ingredient to get for the recipe of an observer is nether quart. To get nether, you will need a diamond pickaxe. First, find three diamond ores, then repeat the process of a pickaxe to get a diamond pickaxe and after this, get obsidian.

get a diamond pickaxe

To get that, find a lava pool and pour water from a bucket on top of it. This will turn the lava into obsidian, mine is the obsidian with your diamond pickaxe. You will need ten pieces of obsidian to build a nether portal. Then find nether quartz ore and mine to nether quartz.

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Now you have successfully collected all the ingredients for the observer recipe.

Open the crafting table and place three cobblestones in the first row and the third row, two Redstone dust in the first two columns of the second row, and one nether quartz in the third column of the second row. You have successfully crafted the observer and found it in the box beside the crafting table.

Make an Observer in Minecraft

The observer in Minecraft emits a Redstone signal or pulse of strong power at level 15 when it detects something. It can detect several things, such as changes or breaking in its target block states, the placing of a block, and changes in the age of crops.

When a piston moves an observer, it counts as a block update and emits a pulse after being pushed or pulled, but not before that.

In one sense, we can say that an observer behaves as a transparent block even though they block light because an external power source can’t power the observers, nor can they power themselves with their outputs.

While placing an observer, you can put it on a note block, which will produce a bass drum sound.

Uses of Observer

Uses of Observer
  1. Traps: Players can create traps using an observer that activates when the target does something specific.
  2. Flying Machines: Players can build flying machines in Minecraft to travel anywhere horizontally. You can combine sticky pistons, slimes, and observes to craft a flying machine.
  3. Automatic Farms: The core purpose of an observer is to create automatic farms. The observer can detect whether the crops are ready for farming, and by using this mechanism, players can trigger the harvesting mechanism.
  4. Decoration: Sometimes players use the observer to decorate their base in Minecraft because of the mean-looking face in front of the observer. They can also be used as scarecrows on farms.

Explainer Video About Making an Observer in Minecraft

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can an observer detect a player or villager?

Currently, the observer cannot detect a player or a villager.

2. What elements can the observer detect in Minecraft?

The observer can detect elements like different types of flowing water, growing crops and grasses, and other observer blocks.

3. What triggers an observer?

Observers are triggered when the fluid or block it’s facing changes state. It can detect the growing crops and grass and also the flowing of the water.

4. How do I activate my Observer?

Once you have placed the observer, it does activate automatically upon noticing any changes in its surrounding like growing grass, or crops, flowing water, etc. The pulse that observer emits can also be used to power the redstone comparator, redstone dust, redstone repeater, or any other component which is located on its opposite end.

5. How far can an observer detect in Minecraft?

An observer in Minecraft is unable to detect a player as of now. Though, players have put out the request for the same to the developers but the feature has not yet been added to the observer block.

6. Can an observer power a block?

An observer emits a redstone pulse when it detects something. In the Computer/Java edition, the observer is able to emit a strong power output and can also power the blocks like redstone repeater. However, in the Pocket Edition, it does emit the same pulse but is unable to power blocks like redstone repeater.

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Now you have a complete guide on making or crafting an observer in Minecraft. You learned about different elements used in the observer recipe, such as where to find them and craft them. You can use observers to create automatic farms as decoration and traps.

I hope this article about how to make an observer in Minecraft is helpful to you. Do share this guide on social media if you find it helpful for you in any manner.

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