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How to Make a Lectern in Minecraft?

Are you thinking of making a Lactern in Minecraft? If yes, then this article is for you. In this article, I have shared the exact way I followed to craft Lactern in Minecraft.

Lecterns are used to hold books and quills or written books that other players use to read. However, lecterns cannot hold enchanted books. Lectern in Minecraft is a job site block found in villages for librarians. You can break the lectern with any tool or an axe, and Lecterns can smelt 1.5 items in the furnace and be used as decorations.

You can use any wood or wooden slab to make a lectern. The bookshelf is cheap in the making, but it can be challenging to make if you don’t have any cows nearby. You will need four wooden slabs and one bookshelf for the lectern recipe.

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Required Materials for Lectern in Minecraft

  • Crafting Table
  • Bookshelf
  • 4 Wooden Slabs

Starting from the wooden slabs, you can use any Wooden slabs to craft the lectern. The type of wood does not matter. You can experiment, mix and match different slabs for the recipe in the game. Remember, you need four such wooden slabs.

The hard part about crafting a lectern starts with a bookshelf. The bookshelf is relatively cheap, but at other times it can be quite a hassle if there are no cows nearby.

At last, you will need a 3×3 crafting table, also called a crafting menu.

How Can You Make a Lectern in Minecraft?

Make a Lectern in Minecraft

To start the lectern recipe, the first thing you will need to do is locate some cows. The leather dropped by the cows can be used to craft books, which can come in handy in making a bookshelf.

collecting leather dropped by the cows for making a Lectern in Minecraft

Bookshelves come in handy for enchanting and can also be used as decorative blocks in your house or around your base. To craft a bookshelf, you will need a crafting table, three books, and six wooden planks.

The first step towards crafting a bookshelf is you will need to open the crafting table, and then you will have a 3×3 crafting grid. Then you need to place six wood planks.

You can use wood such as oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia, dark oak, and crimson. You will also need three books, so you must hunt cows to find enough leather. Cows are always found on grasslands.

Finding enough leather to craft books will require paper to complete the process. To craft papers, you will need to find sugarcanes. You can find sugarcanes near riverbeds and next to water blocks.

To craft a paper, you will need three sugarcanes. Every sugarcane will give you a piece of paper, and you will need nine pieces to craft books that you need to make a lectern. To craft a paper, you must arrange three sugarcanes in a row.

Now place the paper and leather on the crafting table. Repeat this process three times to get the required number of books. While making a bookshelf, you must place all the items in a specific pattern. You will need to place three wooden planks in the top row, three books in the middle row, and three wooden planks in the bottom row.

crafting bookshelf for making lectern in Minecraft

crafting bookshelf for making lectern in Minecraft

After you fill all the items in the crafting table in the correct pattern, you will see a bookshelf in the box beside the 3×3 crafting grid. Now move the bookshelf into the inventory.

Now we have all the ingredients needed for the lectern recipe. The next step toward crafting a lectern is, you will need to place the bookshelf in the center of the crafting table and place three slabs on the top row and one slab underneath the bookshelf.

crafting a Lectern in Minecraft

The lectern will appear on the right side of the crafting table. Now you have successfully crafted a crafting table.

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What Do You Use a Lectern for in Minecraft?

What Do You Use a Lectern for in Minecraft
  • Job site block: As mentioned above, villagers use lecterns as a job site block. You can also assign one of the villagers as a librarian, and the librarians can turn an ordinary book into an enchanted book.
  • Decoration: Lecterns are also used to hold books and quills, making them a nice suitable piece of furniture for decoration in your house. To read books and quills from the lectern, you will need to right-click on them, and you cannot edit them while they are on the lectern.
  • Write books: You can also write books and make other players read your books. The only setback you will face is that the lectern can only hold a single book and quill or, in any case, a single written book.
  • Redstone emitter: This is an advanced design you can give to your lectern. The lectern will emit a Redstone signal whenever a player turns a page. You can place a Redstone comparator near it and use it to maneuver the mechanism all over the place.

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Explainer Video About Making a Lectern in Minecraft?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to put an enchanted book on a Lectern?

The fact is that you cannot put an enchanted book on a lectern. You will need to sign a book and quill to give them an enchanted effect and then place it on the lectern.

This enchanted effect can only be seen in your inventory, and it cannot be seen on the lectern. Hence, there is no way to place an enchanted book on a lectern.

2. How to assign a villager as a librarian?

If a villager is not employed, the individual will look for a nearby job site block to claim a profession. To ensure that the profession they choose is librarian, you will need to place a podium, which will change the nearby villager with a house into a librarian.


Now you know how to make a lectern in Minecraft—revealed all the secrets of the lectern recipe. You can use these lecterns as an infinite and healthy supply of enchanted books.

Though it is hard to find a good librarian, you will find a perfect librarian who will sell you the desired enchanted book after many inventory refreshes. You can also trade with the librarian, like trading a paper to grow sugarcanes, which means you can have infinite emeralds with enough time.

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