How To Log Out Of League Of Legends?

If you are a new summoner or just returning to the game after a long time, here is how you can log out of the League of Legends game client and the website. The game client was made so that players could access all the necessary features needed before the match without having to scroll or manually browse through numerous pages for just a simple thing.

As we all know, League of Legends is one of the games that has ruled the planet for the past decade and still is going strong. The game has been updated hundreds of times from when it came out first. The updates not only fixed bugs changed landscapes and but also changed the positions of existing settings – which some players found difficult to cope with.

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How To Sign Out Of The League Of Legends (LoL) Game?

League of Legends can be either accessed via its client or from the web browser. The game is available for both Windows and Mac systems. However, the logout process remains the same, unlike the installation process, which differs a bit for both of the systems.

Now, there are various logout processes for this game like logging out using the client, a website, or by using the Task Manager and also by changing the password of the existing account. We will see each of the methods below separately.

How To Log Out Of League Of Legends Using the Client?

Step 1: Once you are in the client, look for the (X) button, which is at the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Click on it.

Step 3: A pop-up will appear on your screen.

Logout Of The League Of Legends (LoL) Game

Step 4: If you want to Log out/Sign out of the game, then click on the “SIGN OUT” button.

Note: If you click on the “EXIT” button, the game will not log you out given that you chose the ” Stay Logged In” option while signing in.

How To Log Out Of The League Of Legends Website?

Step 1: Go to (

Step 2: If already logged in, you will see your summoner name at the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Click on your name, and a drop-down menu will open up.

Step 4: Choose “Log Out” from there.

This will log you out from the League of Legends website. This method is not only limited to this game, but you can also use the same process to log out of other Riot games produced so far. Valiant, Legends of Runeterra use the same method as we saw here.

How To Log Out Of League Of Legends Using Task Manager?

If due to some reasons the methods discussed above don’t work for you, then you can try this same method of logging out of the game given that you have a Windows PC.

Note: If you have already selected the option “Keep Me Signed In” while you logged in the game last time, then ending the task won’t log you out of the game.

  • Press the combination (CTRL+ALT+DEL) buttons on your keyboard in this specific order shown here.
  • Go to processes
  • Right-click “League of Legends”.
  • Choose “End Task”

How To Logout By Changing Your Password For The Riot Games Account Centre?

If nothing seems to work your way, then take it as a last option. You can change your Riot Games Account Centre password which will force the other devices that you used to log into the game to log you out of the game automatically. The next time you launch the game from any of the devices, you will be required to fill in the new password.

Make sure you note down the new password somewhere or remember it carefully since the chances are that in some regions, you won’t be able to change the password again for a couple of hours or even up to a week.

Why Logging Out Is So Necessary?

Lots of people avoid the hassle of logging out of the game once they are done playing it by simply ignoring it. There are some security-related reasons that you might consider before merely closing the game without even thinking about logging out.

If you have the “keep me signed in” option enabled and by mistake, if you leave you game as it is without logging it out on a public computer, internet cafe or even your personal computer is in the hands of your mischievous younger cousins, the user other than you, in that case, has all the access to your:

  • In-game currencies
  • Messages
  • Ranked matches
  • Credit card info

The next time you play the game well, consider logging out for your and your account’s security. Happy gaming!

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