How to Get Smooth Stone in Minecraft? Everything You Need to Know

This article is all about how to get smooth stone in Minecraft.

Smooth Stone is just another variant of the stone block in Minecraft. It is one of the cleanest-looking materials inside the game. Unlike Cobblestone, Smooth Stone looks sleek and is the first choice to create decorative elements in the game and even houses and mansions.

If you are looking for some clean edges for your house or mansion in Minecraft or want to craft some cool houses or design elements, Smooth Stone has plenty of uses. The only difference between these two is the color and visible texture. The smooth stone has a lighter grey color and, as its name suggests, has a softer texture than the normal stone.

In Minecraft, the smooth stone is one of the many building blocks that you can create. This block is not created with the crafting table; instead, it is made using a furnace.

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Smooth Stone in Minecraft

Minecraft Versions That Support the Smooth Stone:

PlatformsSupported Version
Java Edition (PC and Mac)Yes (1.13)
Xbox 360No
Wii UNo
Education EditionYes (1.9.0)
Bedrock EditionYes (1.9.0)

Obtaining the Smooth Stone

The very first thing you will need is a furnace. If you have never made a furnace before, all you need are eight blocks of Cobblestone. After that, you need to add fuel to the furnace. The commonly used fuel items are either Wood, Charcoal, or Coal.

Now this will take a tiny bit of time, but trust me. You’ll eventually end up with what you seek. Now the only thing remaining is smelting the stone. Once you smelt the stone, then you’ll have the smooth stone right away.

What is the Smooth Stone Used for in Minecraft?

There are mainly two main uses of the Smooth Stone in Minecraft. To create a Blast Furnace and secondly, to craft Smooth Stone Slabs.

1. Blast Furnace:

A Blast Furnace is the upgraded version of the Furnace which we used to create the Smooth Stone. The Blast Furnace works twice the speed of the normal furnace, and it also smelts armor and ores. To create the Blast Furnace, all you need is one furnace, five Iron Ingots, and three Smooth Stones.

The Blast Furnace can also be used as the job block for the villagers. Doing this turns them into Armourers. The only downside is that it grants you half the experience as compared to the normal furnace.

Blast Furnace in Minecraft

2. Smooth Stone Slabs:

The only other thing apart from the above that Smooth Stone blocks do is to help build the Smooth Stone Slabs. These slabs are extensively used for decorative purposes. The Smooth Stone is quite a sleek block, and it also makes a good foundation inside any house or mansion in Minecraft. 

It is quite easy to make and is more accessible than trying to build a house out of Iron or Gold. To make Smooth Stone Slabs, you need three Smooth Stone Blocks and place them in the middle row of the crafting grid. This will then make six Smooth Stone Slabs for you.

Smooth Stone Slab in Minecraft

Commands for Smooth Stones in Different Edition of Minecraft

  • Java Edition – /give @p smooth_stone 1
  • PE Edition – /give @p smooth_stone 1 0
  • Xbox Edition – /give @p smooth_stone 1 0
  • PS Edition – /give @p smooth_stone 1 0
  • Nintendo Edition – /give @p smooth_stone 1 0
  • Windows 10 Edition – /give @p smooth_stone 1 0
  • Education Edition – /give @p smooth_stone 1 0

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How to Craft Smooth Stone in Survival Mode?

  1. Open the Furnace menu.
  2. Add fuel to the Furnace (in the bottom box). Fuel can be Wood, Coal, or Charcoal.
  3. Place the Cobblestone in the top box, right above the fuel box. Once the Cobblestone is cooked/smelted, the Smooth Stone will appear in the box located on the right-hand side.
  4. Move the Smooth Stone to your inventory. It is stackable up to 64 times.

We hope this article helped you answer your question – How to Get a Smooth Stone in Minecraft? If you have any more doubts, feel free to ask us in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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