How To Get Silk Touch In Minecraft?

Like some other rare enchantments in Minecraft, Silk Touch Enchantment holds its importance and benefits. It is also one of the rarest enchantments in the game. The Silk Touch Enchantment allows many blocks to drop themselves as a replacement for their usual items when mined. 

This enchantment helps you gather items that are fragile with uttermost easy which can sometimes break like glass or ice, quite fragile huh? In the latter part of this article, we will also see the blocks that drop themselves and those that don’t. It also lets you gather the entire block in whole like coal or diamond ore instead of getting the diamond and coal drops. 

Silk Touch Enchantment can be added to any shovel present in the game, pickaxe, axe, or shears using an Anvil, Enchanting Table, or Game Command. You can then use the tools you enchanted with Silk Touch to mine and see how quickly you can add those items to your inventory.

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Here Is How You Can Get Silk Touch In Minecraft

Getting this enchantment is not that easy, as it comes under the list of rare enchantments in the game. However, there are multiple ways you can acquire the Silk Touch Enchantment in Minecraft. Silk Touch does not have any higher level of progression than level 1. In simpler words, the max level of this enchantment is level 1.

This means that you can only enchant an item up to Silk Touch I as it can reach the maximum level. Players can get their hands on this very enchantment by putting in some work. To get it, place your pick on the Enchantment Table and check for the tier 3 enchants. 

If it says Silk touch, then level up and take it right away. If you do not see Silk Touch, you can always reset enchantments on all items by placing a trash item and using any tier 1 enchantment. Repeat this process until you get the Silk Touch.

One more way to get a Silk Touch is by getting a Silk touch book inside chests. You can also try fishing or trade with a librarian (white coat villager). However, none of them is guaranteed to grant you the rare Silk Touch instantly, but you will eventually find one that’s for sure.

Minecraft Blocks That Drop And Ones That Don’t – Silk Touch

BlockObtainable with Silk Touch?
Bee NestYes
Blue IceYes
Budding AmethystNo
Coal OreYes (with pickaxe only)
Coral BlocksYes (with pickaxe only)
Coral Coral FansYes (with pickaxe only)
Diamond OreYes (with pickaxe only)
Double SlabNo
Emerald OreYes (with an iron pickaxe or better)
Ender ChestYes (with pickaxe only)
Frosted IceNo
Gilded BlackstoneYes (with pickaxe only)
Glass/Glass PaneYes
Grass PathYes (BE only)/No (JE only)
Grass BlockYes
Infested BlockNo
Inverted Daylight DetectorNo
Lapis Lazuli OreYes (with a stone pickaxe or better)
Melon StemNo
Monster SpawnerNo
Mushroom BlocksYes
Nether Quartz OreYes (with pickaxe only)
Nether Gold OreYes (with pickaxe only)
Nether WartNo
Packed IceYes
Pumpkin StemNo
Redstone OreYes (with an iron pickaxe or better)
SnowYes (with the shovel only)
Snow BlockYes (with the shovel only)
Sea LanternYes
StoneYes (with pickaxe only)
Soul CampfireYes
Turtle EggYes

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