How To Get More Rune Pages In League Of Legends?

Are you looking to get more rune pages in the League of Legends? If yes, then the article is for you, here is how to get more rune pages.

Runes and the Mastery system has been present in the League of Legends since the game was first officially released back in 2009.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the Rune Pages so let me tell you that Rune pages hold their strategic importance in the League of Legends. What strategic importance? Well, that’s what is covered under a specific heading below.

However, the Riot officials updated the old runes and mastery systems and replaced them with the new ones known as the Runes Reinforced patch, which got released back at the beginning of the game’s Season 8.

Even after this recent change introduced in the game, the rune system has remained a core and vital part of the League of Legend’s strategic planning and gameplay.

How To Get More Rune Pages?

Like almost every other in-game product, the Rune pages can be brought from the League of Legends store, which is found in the client.

You can easily find it by going to the League of Legends shop > Accessories > Rune Pages, generally found on the list like menu located on your screen’s right-hand side.

Rune pages can be purchased by the use of Blue Essence or Riot Points. However, if you plan to get a bundle, they can only be purchased via spending the Riot Points. Currently, you are well ready to be able to start making more rune pages for yourself.

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Importance Of Runes In League Of Legends

Importance Of Runes In League Of Legends

As we mentioned above, runes make quite an important part of your strategic preparation in the game. It gives you an upper edge in preparing your champions against your opponent teams.

Runes unlock a handful of ways of how a champion can be played in the game. In short, it boosts their abilities in a certain way.

If you learn to build your runes properly with strategic planning, every champion can become a threat to the opponents and outperform others in a match.

The most significant change that we saw in the Runes Reforged system is that now the players can change their runes during the champion selection screen, but first, you’ll have to purchase at least 1 rune page from the League of Legends store in the game’s client.

However, there is a misconception that having fewer amounts of rune pages limits your champion’s abilities, but it is not fully true. Your champion’s abilities depend upon the rune’s right combination and the champion you combined it with.

Focusing on this part can take your game to a higher level, indeed. Like the champions often get nerfed or buffed, the runes have been too surprising. So, this makes their importance clear in the game.

We can safely say that runes have become an area or element of special attention from the side of developers now given the importance they hold in the game.

While keystones may have made their way into the game and gone after the Runes Reforged patch update, some original runes are still present in the game to this date.

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Tip: Selecting the right rune and champion combos can increase the chances of your winning the matches more frequently.

Individual Rune Pages

Individual Runes Pages can be purchased with Blue Essence’s help, which is the go-to option for free-to-play League of Legend players who don’t want to spend any money in the game of skins, RP, etc.

Buying a single rune page will cost you 6300 Blue Essence (BE) or 590 Riot Points (RP), which is a reasonable price given the Rune pages’ advantages. If you have a smaller champion pool, then buying this way in a controlled amount is a good idea for sure.

Bundle Rune Pages

When writing this article, there is only one available bundle in the League of Legends shop. The rune bundle consists of 7 rune pages and costs around 2600 Riot Points (RP). If you compare the price to the Individual rune pages, you can get 7 Rune bundles at the 5 single Rune Pages price.

Of course, it is a disadvantage for the players who don’t plan to buy the Riot Points, but this is a reasonably great price compared to the cost of a single rune page. If you have a more excellent champion pool and have some RP sitting in your account, there is no harm buying this Rune Bundle.

Benefits Of Having More Rune Pages

Having more than one Rune page can be advantageous and disadvantageous too. Having more than one Rune Pages lessens your preparation time. The more the Rune Pages, the less the preparation time. Like you can keep an assigned Rune Page of every champion that you use in your games.

In short, you can assign a pre-made page to a specific champion. Having multiple Rune pages can make you worry less about the Runes and focus on other important aspects like champion selection, summoner spell selection, or get enough time to chalk out a strategy in the pre-game discussion.

Not talking about the disadvantages, there are a lot of them, but sometimes having lots of rune pages may seem a bit intimidating and confusing at the same time and also may lead to increased preparation time in the Rune pages themselves.

This problem has a solution, which by – you should name every rune page correctly and strategically. This will help you to save some time for essential aspects like remembering that one specific page which you specially designed for a champion of your mastery.

What Is The Limit Of Rune Pages?

When a player initially starts the game, he/she already has 5 rune pages assigned to his/her game account. However, the highest number of Rune pages you can buy from the League of Legends store is 25.

The total number of Rune pages that you can own in the game is 30, given that you already have the first 5 ones that come free.

30 Runes Pages is way above more than enough since an average player uses only 4-10 runes pages when needed. If you want to own the maximum number of rune pages, you better start saving enough RP or BE, whichever you choose to spend.

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Do I Need More Than 1 Rune Page?

Well, it depends. Do you know every combination of every champion that you play or like? If yes, then 1 Rune page is sufficient for you. This is because you can only edit runes while you select your champion before a match.

More than 1 Rune page is needed by players than want to avoid making changes to the Rune pages every time and instead focus on other important aspects of the game. But, customizing your rune page before a specific match makes you more prepared for it.

Are They Any Alternative Ways To Get Rune Pages In League Of Legends?

Currently, there is no other way to get rune pages in League of Legends if you are from one of the major regions. You can only buy the Rune pages by using either BP or RP. However, players who use the Garena Server can acquire Rune Pages without spending BP or RP.

Through the Garena, mobile app players called Garena Spin players can win free Blue Essence, Rune Pages, Ward skins, and Icons by using the wheel of fortune.

We hope this post on how to get more rune pages in League of Legends helped you in some way or the other. Happy gaming!

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