How To Get Mending In Minecraft?

This article is all about How To Get Mending In Minecraft?

In Minecraft, the player’s best friends are none other than his pickaxe and sword. Keeping these tools in good shape is an essential part of the game. As you move further and further in the game, you will eventually realize that you need to make each item and drop count towards the overall survival.

One of the most valuable skills in Minecraft is to learn using the Enchanting tables during your playtime. An Enchanting Table is a primary and the most straightforward way to create Enchanted items. The Mending Enchantment, in particular, proves to be one of the most useful in the game.

However, to apply the enchantment to the desired tools first, you must create an Enchanting table, producing enchanted items. They can be created by combining Obsidian with Diamonds and a Book. These tables are generally used by placing a special item and the tool in their respective slots and then selecting the effect of your choice.

Enchantment Table In Minecraft

An Anvil can also be used to enchant items, but Anvils only improve tools and armors. Anvils can be made by combining Iron Ingots with the Iron Blocks. To enchant an item using an Anvil, you will first need to acquire the item and then place it in the box of Anvil. 

After that, you will have to place the Enchanted book in the second box and then click on the plus symbol. These items are then blended, which leads to dispersion of the book’s effects on the tools.

Anvil in Minecraft

What Is Mending Enchantment?

Mending is the skill that allows the players in Minecraft to restore the durability of certain items and make them more robust with Experience Orbs (EXP). It is one of the most powerful enchantments in Minecraft. A Mending Enchantment can be used on various items in the game like books, tools, weapons, and even diamonds.

The enchantment is used to make tools that remain durable for a more extended period, even after long-term use. While the Mending Enchantment is being applied, if the player is holding more the one tool, the game will randomly pick a tool and apply the experience points to it by using the enchantment.

Uses of Mending in Minecraft

If you find a dungeon If you find a dungeon with a mob spawner, keep the spawner to use it in the future. You can use this to infinitely repair your items. The spawner also pushes the zombies that spawn below to take damage and become easy picking for the experience.

Once you have got enough number of zombies that have fallen, you can finish the zombies and can gain all the experience for your tools, armor and weapons.

If you can’t find one, you can also create a mob trap in the end to the farm enderman for the experience. Mending will repair the durability of the armor piece or tool equipped in your Hotbar as you pick up experience.

Where Can I Find The Mending Enchantment?

Now that we know the importance of the Mending Enchantment. Let’s find it! However, let me first tell you that it is very rare to find. If you find it, consider yourself among the lucky ones. You can always search it in places like villages, temples, dungeons, and similar locations where there are chances to find loot and raids.

However, you can choose an alternate path and purchase it from the merchants who are willing to sell them for a price. The price for the Mending Enchantment will go at least three times the usual price of other Enchantments. 

In some cases, players can also find this enchantment through fishing, which may look at the first sound not true, but as we said earlier. It’s sporadic!

We hope this article about how to get mending enchantment in Minecraft is helpful to you. Mending keeps your best equipment safe from breaking and saves you many endgame materials. If this article is useful for you in any manner, then do share it on social media. 

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