How to Get Gemstones in League of Legends?

This article is all about how to get gemstones on League of Legends. Below we have explained everything you need to know about league of legends gemstones and how to get it.

Riot Games had come a long way since the release of League of Legends back in 2009. The company has stretched itself both in the gaming realm as well as in the professional scene. To support the rapidly growing needs of the players worldwide, the parent company introduced third-party companies like Garena and Tencent for the company itself to branch out and reach more people around the globe.

To maintain this free-to-play gaming model successfully, the company needs to draw funds from some means to support its existing structure and expand if needed. Premium features like Gemstones make this possible for the company. Further in this article, we will discuss how to get gemstones in the League of Legends.

What are Gemstones in League of Legends?

Gemstones are a rare type of currency in League of Legends that enables the players to access exclusive loots. Gemstones are the most challenging type of currency in the League of Legends, unlike the Blue Essence or Riot Points.

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How to Get Gemstones in League of Legends?

There are various methods by which you can get yourself some gemstones. The probability of getting gemstones by following a certain method may be higher than the other, but none give a 100% chance.

1. Hextech Chests

Hextech Chests

The most common and basic way to acquire the gemstones in LOL is from the Hextech chests. You can get these chests by getting an S- or a rating above this after the match ends. Now, getting these Hextech chests may seem like an easy job for some people, but it doesn’t end there as you also need the Hextech keys by which you open these chests and collect the rewards.

This method is not guaranteed as the gemstone drop rate by this method is only at 0.4%.

2. Masterwork Chests

Masterwork Chests

Masterwork chests are just like the Hextech chests, but these are the slightly premium version of it. The probability of getting the reward in the form of gemstones is higher in this type of chest than in the Hextech chests. Masterwork chests can only be acquired using the Riot Points.

Now, coming to the gemstones dropping percentage, these chests have around 3.6% to 4% drop chance probability with bad luck protection. Bad luck protection is activated after opening 3 Hextech or Masterwork chests.

3. Leveling Up

Leveling up is another common way to acquire gemstones. However, if you are looking for shortcuts, this might be the option you consider at last, but this may be a go-to option for the speed-running summoners. Gemstones in this method can only be acquired by reaching the Summoner Level 150, and from this level onwards, the players get 1 gemstone every time they cross the 50-level milestone.

In short, you can essentially farm Gemstones by playing the game continuously. You can also purchase the XP boosts to surpass the levels much faster.   

4. Essence Emporium

The Essence Emporium is an event that takes place every year in the LoL world. The event was introduced in 2018. In this event, specific items are put on sale and can be purchased using the Blue Essence. Exclusive items like Urfwick were only attainable via this event in exchange for 150,000 Blue Essence.

Gemstones were also available at this event. Players could buy at most 3 gemstones per Essence Emporium event. The first gemstone purchase cost 50,000 BE, the second purchase cost 75,000 BE, and the last purchase cost around 150,000 BE. 

5. Events

Events in League of Legends are held every once in a while. There is at least 1 event every month in the game. The nature and mechanics of events may vary. Still, we look for the opportunity to buy rare items like gemstones via the event currency called Event Tokens, which are named depending on the event’s title.

In some events, you can purchase the gemstones directly by spending the Event currency, but most of the time, these tokens enable you to purchase event loot boxes that have chances of dropping gemstones. 

What Can I Buy With Gemstones?

Rare currencies in League of Legends give better and much more exclusive rewards, and gemstone is one of them, in fact, better than most of them in terms of giving rewards. 

1. Event skins for champions

Most of the Legacy and Event skins are purchasable using gemstones. For example, the Neo PAX Sivir skin, which was only redeemable using a code after the 2017 PAX West event, was brought using 10 Gemstones from August 31, 2017, to January 8, 2018.

2. Hextech skins

Hextech skins are exclusive skins that can only be acquired by using the Hextech crafting systems. Players can randomly get the skins from any chest type like Hextech chests, Masterwork Chests, and Champion and Honor Capsules. These skins cost around 10 gemstones. In League of Legends, there are 14 exclusive Hextech champion skins and 1 Hextech Ward skin.

3. Masterwork chests and keys

Players can also get a Masterwork chest, and it’s key for 1 Gemstone. While this is not the best way to get it to buy, it can be considered if you have purchased all of the Hextech skins and still want to unlock some skin shards that you have not unlocked yet. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will the next Essence Emporium appear?

As of now, there is no official announcement for the Essence Emporium event. Also, the event takes place at random times, so it is difficult to predict when it will take place. However, we can assume it to be a few months away if the event occurred recently.

2. Is there any other method to acquire Hextech skins?

Hextech skins can only be acquired from the Hextech crafting systems like Gemstone crafting, Hextech chest opening, or skin shard re-rolling. Unfortunately, the League of Legends shop does not allow us to purchase these Hextech skins using the Riot Points (RP).

However, you can use the Riot Points by the Masterwork chests and keys for getting a chance to acquire either the Hextech skin or Gemstones. Both of these are somewhat rare to acquire from the chests.

3. Is it worth buying masterwork chests for getting gemstones?

If money does not seem a concern for you, then Masterwork chests are definitely worth their price. Masterwork chests have a higher probability of dropping gems than any other chest type in the game, especially with bad luck protection. You also get a chance to roll some Hextech skins.

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