How To Get Better At League Of Legends?

This article is all about how to get better at League of Legends.

League of Legends, also commonly known as LOL, falls under a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). We can say that the game took things category to the whole new level. LOL peaks at nearly 8 million concurrent players daily, according to the Riot Officials.

League of Legends has been in the gaming industry for almost over a decade now, and millions of players have been playing the game around the globe. Of course, this also means that there are numerous experienced players out there competing against each other.

Well, if you are one of those looking to improve your gameplay, then we got you covered.

5 Common Mistakes Most of the Players Make That Hinders Their Game Improvement.

Not having a solid champion pool to choose from. League of Legends offers almost 152 champions to choose from, having different skills and dynamics. When it comes to playing the ranked matches, you must stick to a small pool/group of champions (at least 3-5) that you have previously mastered and known your way around.

This ensures that you are comfortable with your champion while playing the match and can choose another if one of your mates takes your champion. To sum it up, keep this in mind – “Never put your eggs in a single basket.”

1. Stop Playing If You Are Frustrated:

Playing League Of Legends

Most of the time, even after getting a few losses in the row, we all experience the feeling of “just one more game, and I’ll balance it out.” Sadly, that’s not the right time to continue playing the game since you are already out of your momentum. The best thing to do is ignore the losses, exit the game window, and take a chill pill.

The right mindset is crucial for winning the games, and somehow if you find out that you are not into one, it’s time you step back. Let your mind and body rest. Gaming is for fun, not for exhaustion or frustration. Winning is a consequence of a calm and focused mind.

2. Not Warming Up Before A Ranked Session:

Warming up, especially before the ranked matches, helps in activating your muscle memory. Muscle memory is an essential quality in the game and differentiates the pros from the newbies. The more games you play, the better muscle memory you gain. Now, warming up before the match ensures that you stand a possible chance of winning against your opponents. Although warming up is not necessary for the initial stages, its importance rises once you level up.

3. You’re Aren’t Mastering Your Champion’s Potential:

There is a differentiating line between being good with a champion and, on the other hand, mastering it. If you aim to dominate the lobby, you must focus on being the master of certain champions and adapting to the surroundings. Mastery is not a skill to be learned. It’s the rhythm that leads you in displaying your skillset unintentionally.

4. You Aren’t Putting Enough Time Into Researching:

Sometimes, when you try to add a new champion to your champions list, it’s better to research it before you start using it. This activity speeds up the learning process and gives you a blueprint to follow. Researching exposes you to suggestions and recommendations which help you to adapt better. With 152 champions at your disposal, you should start knowing some of them via others’ experience to get a head start in the arena.

Tips To Get Better At League of Legends

1. Focus On Your Favorite Champion:

Every player has that one champion he/she loves no matter what. If you have a similar champion that you love to use, half the battle is already won. You can climb the ranked match quickly if you master and use a champion that is your favorite too.

Once you absorb the mechanics of the champion, you can focus on being at the right place at the right time to help your teammates and take them towards victory. Try new combos, styles, and builds. After all, there’s a lot to explore in the ever-changing LoL arena.

2. Always Keep An Eye On The Mini Map:

Being attentive to your teammate’s calls and enemy positioning is crucial for almost everything in the League of Legends. You must learn to balance the time you utilize to look at your surroundings in the game and the map.

This is an absolute necessity to avoid surprise attacks from the enemies. Also, look out for the calls that your teammates send you and others via the map markings. Interpret and execute.

3. Learn The League Language:

It always isn’t a good practice to refer to something in LoL by typing out the whole thing instead of using the league language, which saves time and makes you look like a pro, after which your teammates pay attention to your call-outs more often.

Here’s some of the League language:

CS: Creep score. Refers to the number of minions you have killed in a game.

Drag: Dragon. A monster in the jungle that provides enhancements to the team upon killing it.

Gank: A surprise attack.

OOM: Out of Mana.

Kiting: Running away from an enemy while dealing him/her damage simultaneously.

KS: Kill Steal. If you last hit an enemy or a creep and get a kill that your teammate deserved, chances are he/she will type it in the chatbox.

Leash: Attacking the monsters in the jungle for your teammate to land the final blow and get a buff.

Well, there is a list that keeps on increasing, but for now, these are the ones that you can use to get started.

4. Stay Behind The Minions:

Stay Behind The Minions

Minions are nothing but a group of moving shields. Their motive is to distract the turrets and eat some damage intended for the champions in the game. 

Whenever a group of minions enters a lane, get yourself behind them and target the turrets, champions, or the enemy team minions. Minions will never betray you till their last breath, and the only way you can honor them is by letting them serve you in the arena.

5. Survival Is The Key To Victory:

Take it this way, kids kill and die simultaneously, thinking that they died a good death, but men try to kill and survive simultaneously. Whenever an enemy kills you, he/she receives a large chunk of gold and experience that you could have gotten if played wisely.

Dying only adds up to the advantage of the enemy team.

Surviving a battle that you think you could’ve lost is better than getting killed for glory. Follow the long-term goal of winning the game and try to get all the glory and friend requests as a whole rather than in installments.

6. Learn To Last-Hit:

The newer players may think that it is ok to let the minions clear the opponent minions’ wave while trying to get into posting to attack the nearest enemy turret. Let me tell you, killing the enemy minions grants you gold that can pile up over time and provide you with great equipment.

Stay conservative, start with dealing some damage to the minion wave and let your minions attack later, and then, at last, you clear off the wave by last hitting the wave with an ability. Make this a habit and earn gold. Last-hitting minions are like farming that gives you fruits after a period over and over again.

7. Communicate More Often:

The team that communicates better stands a higher chance of winning that specific game. This is because communication helps the teammates visualize the scenario and prepare for the possible outcomes even before they happen.

This gives an upper hand to the team that communicates well between the lanes and keeps up with the positioning. Announcing the enemy as soon as he/she disappears from the lane, indicating a possible team clash, and all the other factors add up to a team’s victory.

8. Learn From Your Mistakes

Try to spot common mistakes like bad positioning, over-excited for kills, and bad timings and learn how to avoid them next time. The more efficient you are with your skills and combos, the more chances you can set your team up for victory.

Players often get blamed for the mistakes they have no control over, and it’s not good. Similarly, at times try to help your teammates if they have a hard time setting up a rhythm. Make a comfortable yet dominating atmosphere and rule over the opponents. Happy gaming!

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