How to Craft an Armor Stand in Minecraft?

Are you thinking to craft an armor stand but don’t know how to do it? Here is how to craft an armor stand in Minecraft. Follow the below-shared steps by step instructions carefully.

Minecraft armor stands are used to hang armor the players are not wearing. An armor stand is a wooden stand used as a decorative item to hold and display your armor and other wearable objects, and players can use it for storage and presentation. An armor stand can be broken by attacking it twice.

You can find armor stands in each taiga village’s outdoor armory. Players sometimes use armor stands to hold armor, mob heads, carved pumpkins, etc. Armour stands can be damaged by cacti and broken by arrows if an armor stand is in water and lava simultaneously; the lava does not consume them. Know let’s understand how to craft an armor stand in Minecraft.

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How to Craft an Armor Stand in Minecraft

The required items to craft an armor stand are five sticks and one smooth stone slab. If you don’t have the necessary number of sticks, you can easily prepare them with wood planks. Open the crafting table made up of a 3×3 crafting grid.

To craft sticks, you must place the wood planks in a specific pattern. Then put one wood plank in the second box of the top row and the second wood plank in the middle row’s second box, and the stick will appear next to the 3 x 3 crafting grid. Every two wooden planks will give you four sticks.

Minecraft players will need a smooth stone slab to start with the crafting process of the armor stand. Mining a stone block with a pickaxe enchanted with silk touch can get a smooth stone slab. The next thing you need to do is, smelt the piece of stone inside a furnace which will turn into one smooth stone block.

Players need three smooth stones to craft a smooth stone slab and place three smooth stones in the second row. Once you complete the crafting process, six smooth stone slabs will appear in the box beside the crafting table.

six smooth stone slabs

You have all the elements required for the recipe for the Minecraft armor stand. To begin with, the recipe, open the crafting table with a 3×3 crafting grid. Now place three sticks in the first row of the crafting table.


Then place one stick in the second box of the middle row and two sticks in the first and third box of the last row. Then place a smooth stone slab in the second box of the third row. An armor stand will appear in the box next to the crafting table, then add it to your inventory.

This is how to craft an armor stand in Minecraft.

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How to Place an Armor Stand in Minecraft?


Players need to use an armor stand to find a suitable place and put the armor stand there. Select the armor stand in the Hotbar menu and position the pointer on the block where you want the armor stand to appear. You will see the block getting highlighted in the game.

If you want to display or place something on the armor stand, you can move items from the hot bar to the armor stand. To remove the items from the armor stand, you will need to position your pointer on the armor item you want to withdraw from the stand. The removed items will get back into your Hotbar.

Functions and Uses of Armor Stand

Players can use armor stands to manipulate where they want certain blocks to be located heavily, but this will need specific commands to put into action. Armour stands can be used in many ways, like adventure maps, because they can be customized easily. Players can also place items like pumpkins, carved pumpkins, armor, and mob heads without any effort with a dispenser.

Since armor stands do not have a GUI, players have to interact directly. They are also placed in different orientations like banners and signs. Armour stands are highly customizable to have dual wield, pose, arms, disobey gravity, and other things by summoning with NBT tags/summoning.

In Bedrock Edition, you can also change armor pose by clicking on the Pose button or using a Redstone signal. There are 13 poses available in Minecraft, and they can also hold items by clicking on the Equip button.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to Break an Armor Stand in Minecraft?

There are several ways to break an armor stand, but the easiest one is to punch it twice quickly, which will break.

2. How to Display Items On An Armor Stand?

You need to hold the piece of armor or the item you want to display on the armor stand and press the right click on the stand.

3. How to Place an Armor Stand in Minecraft?

It is a straightforward process. The armor stand can be placed the same way as any other block in Minecraft, and there isn’t any unique way to do this.


You have a complete guide on crafting an armor stand in Minecraft and the elements needed for making an armor stand. You know how and where you can use the armor stand in Minecraft, and it helps you exhibit or show off some of your most valuable wares collected throughout your journey.

The armor stands are used to exhibit things and in many other ways like custom maps due to their sheer mechanical versatility. We hope this article about how to craft an armor stand in Minecraft is helpful to you.

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