How To Chat In League Of Legends?

This article will explain in detail how you chat with your teammates in League of Legends.

Like most games in the market that are popular nowadays, League of Legends is also a team-based game. The victory depends on the overall communication, strategy as well as the followed by some coordination.

LOL now offers voice-based chats, too, but if you are playing solo with some random people, then text-based chats have been around as long as the game has been in the market.

Chats are one of the most commonly used as well as essential tools for communication in LOL. If you are new to the game and can’t figure out how to chat in the game or with the client, worry not!

Here are the guides that will help you figure out how to chat in League of Legends while in-game with your teammates or with everyone in the match lobby.

But first, let’s make sure that you are not facing any problem in accessing the chat feature, as sometimes (in rare cases) the chats feature itself may not be available to use, which you can fix by simply troubleshooting it by going to the in-game settings. We have discussed the whole guide below of your ease.

How To Chat In-Game In League of Legends (LOL)?

During the game, you can send strategic messages that your teammates can exclusively see, or you can also send messages to everyone, including your enemies.

Below we will see how you can chat with your TEAMMATES and everyone, including the OPPONENT PLAYERS.

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How To Chat With The Team In LOL?

To start chatting with your teammates while playing the game, press ENTER on your keyboard and start typing in the chat window, which generally appears at the bottom-left side of the screen.

Once you have typed in the desired message, hit the ENTER button again to send that message to your teammates.

How To Chat With Everyone (Including The Opponent Players) In LOL?

  • To send a message to every single player in the match, there are two ways, as follows:
  • Press SHIFT and ENTER keys simultaneously to send the message.
  • Press ENTER and type “/all” in the chat box, leave a single space, type the message normally, and hit ENTER to send it to everyone.

How To Chat With Friends By Using The LOL Client?

Now, below is a cheezy pic of what the LoL chats looks like in the utter moment of heat and in-game panic.

How To Chat With Friends By Using The LOL Clien

First things first, to chat with someone via the LOL client, the other person must be your Friend. To send a friend request to a random player or the one that recently played a gam the with you, go to the profile of that very player and click on the (+) icon beside the SOCIAL label at the top of the chat bar.

You can also send a particular player a friend request after being on the score/stats window of the game. Once the player accepts your friend request, you can search for him/her in the chat sidebar located to your client’s right. After which you both can chat with each other and play games till the end of time.

To Chat:

  • Click on that player’s name which is generally located on the sidebar of the client.
  • Then click on “Send message.”
  • A chat window will appear on the bottom-right corner of your screen from where you can start chatting.
  • After typing your message, hit ENTER to send it.

Unable To See The Allied Or All Chat In League Of Legends

This may be as the chat option may not be enabled by default, or you may have turned it off by mistake. To get it back, you can go to the game settings while in the game by pressing the Esc (Escape) button, which will open up the menu in front of you, or you can access it simply from the client by clicking on the Gear (Settings) icon at the top right corner of the screen which is beside the X (Close window) button.

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  • Now to see if the chat option is disabled, then:
  • From the settings, go to “Interface.”
  • Scroll down to “Chat heading.”
  • Make sure you tick the first two options, which are “Show [All] Chat (Matched Game)” and “Show [Allied] Chat.” The last option, “Show timestamps,” is optional but enabling it helps too.

That’s how you can chat in League of Legends. We hope this article helped you. Do share this article on social media if you found it helpful for you in any manner. 

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