How to Breed Sheep in Minecraft?

Sheep in Minecraft is one of the most useful mobs encountered while in the game. Mobs in Minecraft are nothing but living entities affected by physics and can interact with other mobs and players around. Sheep can be found wandering throughout the Overworld – the starting location of a player and likely the place where a player will spend most of their time.

Sheep in Minecraft are a passive mob that is a source of wool and mutton. This article will cover what you need to feed the sheep to breed them later, how often you can feed them, and learn how to grow your baby sheep (lamb) faster.

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Knowing Sheep in Minecraft

Naturally, a sheep will roam around and eat grass. When eating, the sheep make a crunching sound similar to that of walking on a dirt block or placing down. Upon encountering an obstacle, they will often try to jump over it sometimes, even if they cannot overcome it.

Sheep run when attacked and will not bother bobbing in the water like the other animals in the game. Sheep will follow you if you have held Wheat in your hand. This method can be used to capture sheep.

You can capture sheep and other similar land mobs by digging a 2-block deep hole and making it sufficiently wide to increase the chances of mobs falling into it. As we saw earlier that sheep follow players if Wheat is held in hand. This way, you can lure them into holes.

On the other hand, you can wait for them to fall into the holes you dug. Once the sheep and mobs are inside the hole, you can lure them to an underground producing station or somewhere that has a roof over it to keep the wolves away.

There is much more apart from all these that you can learn on Sheep in Minecraft. However, to keep it concise and focused on user intent, this amount of info seems sufficient.

Let’s now move towards the Requirements needed for breeding sheep in Minecraft.

Requirements to Breed Sheep in Minecraft

  • 2 Sheep
  • 2 Wheat

Steps to Breed Sheep in Minecraft

1. Find Two Sheep

At first, you will need two sheep to start the breeding process. If, by chance, you are having trouble finding sheep, then in such cases, you can use a spawn egg or summon a sheep using a cheat code. After you have 2 sheep, make sure you keep them close for breeding. A fence can be built to keep the two sheep from running away.

2. Feeding The Sheep

Feeding The Sheep

Once you have two sheep secured around you, select the wheat in your hot bar. Then feed the wheat to each sheep one at a time. The controls to feed/use the wheat depend on the version of Minecraft that you are running.

  • Java Edition (Mac/Windows), Windows 10 Edition, and Education Edition: Right-click on the sheep.
  • Xbox One, Xbox 360: Press the LT button.
  • Pocket Edition (PE): Tap on the sheep
  • PS3, PS4, PS5: Press the L2 Button.
  • Nintendo Switch, Wii U: Press the ZL button.

Once you feed both the sheep, you will notice the red hearts that appear over the sheep. This indicates that the sheep are entering the love mode. Once the red hearts disappear, a baby sheep (lamb) will spawn nearby. The baby sheep will have a big head and a small body, like other baby mobs.

The baby sheep will be the same colour as the parent sheep. If the parent sheep are of different yet compatible colors, the baby sheep will combine the two.

For better understanding, if the parent sheep are Red and Yellow, they will reproduce a sheep of Orange color. However, this is limited to the JAVA edition of the game only.

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How You Can Grow Your Baby Sheep (Lamb) Faster in Minecraft

It usually takes about 20 minutes or so for the baby sheep to become an adult sheep. However, if you want to speed up the growth process, you must feed the lamb wheat. Each use of Wheat takes 10% off the remaining time for the sheep to grow up.

Sheep can also accelerate their growth by eating grass. When the adult sheep eats, it wiggles its head above the ground, and when the lamb eats, its heads go into the ground. Lambs usually eat grass at a faster pace than adult sheep.

This is how you can breed sheep and grow a lamb faster in Minecraft. Feel free to drop questions, if any, in the comments below. We hope this article about how to breed sheep in Minecraft is helpful to you.

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