How Old is League of Legends?

This article is for you if you want to know how old is League of Legends? League of Legends: Wild Rift, aka LOL, is one of the gaming industry mammoths. An American company, Riot Games, released LOL on Oct 27, 2009.

The game falls under the category-MOBA, which means Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Currently, League of Legends is 12 years old.

Before all the fame, glory, esports, and billions in revenue, League of Legends started as an idea on paper. The game was initially inspired by none other than DOTA (Defense of the Ancients). “The game really sucked for a long time,”- said Jeff Jew, the Riot Games producer who worked as an intern in the initial stages when the game was not so BIG. 

He also stated that initially, nobody at Riot wanted to play the game as it was awful, but they were forced to play it.

How many years old League of Legends

Later on, as the launch came near, the team was prepared with the right product, which they believed could work. And the rest is history. As soon as the game hits the market, it becomes the favorite of millions of players in no time.

By 2012, just three years after the official launch, the game officially became the most played PC game in entire Europe and North America in terms of several hours played.

In 2018, the prize pool for the League of Legends world championship was a whopping 6.45 million U.S dollars. By 2019, The League of Legends world championship hooked in 100 million unique viewers, and the concurrent viewership peaked at the mark of 44 million.

League of Legends Stats in Brief

Currently, in 2020 LOL is: 

  • The most streamed game on Twitch.
  • One of the top games on Twitch in terms of peak viewers.
  • Leading game on Twitch.
  • Leading the Twitch platform as of September 2020 in terms of the number of hours viewed.
  • The official YouTube channel of the game has a total of 4,026,213,852 views.
  • The official YouTube channel has over 13.5 million subscribers.

Final Thoughts

With the game entering its second decade in the gaming industry, the popularity and growth don’t seem to be slowing down by any means. Riot officials have made the game what it is today.

With love and support, it has gathered around the globe. The game surely will stay forever here on the planet. We hope this article on how old is League Of Legends? is helpful for you. Do share it on social media, if it is useful for you in any manner.

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