How Much Does League of Legends Cost?

This article is all about how much does League of Legends cost?

League of Legends falls under the beloved category of free-to-play games. Despite being one of the freebie games, it may at the same time require you to spend money on the in-game resources if you are one of those who need a champion or a skin as soon as it is released.

League of Legends has its currency, which is known as RP. You can purchase RP by spending real money. Further, this purchased RP can be used to unlock desired champions and their skins. The game also has free currencies, which we will see further, but these free currencies take a lot of time to accumulate, by lot I mean a LOT!

So, it officially is a fact that it’s not easy NOT to spend any money on LOL. If you are starting as a newbie, then the chances are that you might not even bother to spend money on in-game cosmetics like champion skins. Champions’ skins are nothing but an alteration or addition to the physical appearance of a champion inside the game.

However, if you are someone like me or most LoL players who have at least a favorite champion and want a new skin for it simply because over time, we as LoL players tend to get attached to our champions and sometimes even get bored by the same or the default skin that the champion comes with.

A question might arise in your mind: Why not simply switch over to another champion if you are bored and ditch the idea of buying a new skin? For many players, switching over to other champions takes time to get familiar with their abilities, skills, and overall feel and play.

If he/she aims to push the ranked match, then sticking to the champions that are already mastered is always a good decision. So, buying a new skin for the already mastered champions is always a preferred option by most of the LoL players as it saves their time, plus they buy skins because they want to, simple as that. Here is how much league of legends costs.

League of Legends Currencies

League of Legends Currencies

There are 3 types of League of Legends currencies, two of which are free.

1. RP

RP (Riot Points) can get you anything in the game, from champions to almost any skin that you want. However, RP needs to be purchased by paying real money in the game, unlike the other two currencies.

2. Blue Essence

Blue Essence is a free currency, unlike the RP, but it takes time to stack it to a certain level and then buy something from it. It is a long process and may require lots of time and patience. Blue Essence can be used to purchase champions, chroma skins, and other game offerings.

3. Orange Essence

Orange essence again is a type of free currency that needs to be accumulated before spending. It is somewhat similar to the Blue Essence. You can use it to buy cool skin, skin shards, and loot chests.

Drawbacks With The Free Currencies

Well, the free currencies are acceptable, but you need a lot of time to accumulate them, which enables you to buy stuff. Whereas RP is a quick solution to almost everything, it requires real money, as we now know.

So, overall, it all comes down to factors like peer pressure, pressure and, impatience. Players love to stand out from the crowd, and apart from the actual gaming skills, skins help a lot too! 

Well, skins in any way do not improve the game but are just there for the sake of visual appeal. Let’s say you want to unlock every single champion in the game with is almost impossible to do with the free game currencies.

There are 152 champions in the game. The champions are available for different prices (RP) depending upon their popularity. The more popular the champion is, the higher its price in terms of RP is.

RP Price Categories For Champions:

  • 206 RP
  • 585 RP
  • 790 RP
  • 880 RP
  • 975 RP

So back to the point, if you want to buy every single champion in the league of legends, RP is the only way, and if you want to know the amount, then you will need almost 113,945 RP, which equals $641. to unlock every single champion in the game.

Advantage: You can purchase every champion in the game within one day if you decide to use RP.

Disadvantage: It will cost you real money.

Blue Essence Price Category:

  • 450 BE
  • 1350 BE
  • 4800 BE 
  • 6300 BE
  • 7800 BE

Advantage: No need for spending real money.

Disadvantage: This is a very long process and requires a lot of time.

RP Requirement To Purchase Every Single Skin In League of Legends

RP Requirement To Purchase Every Single Skin In League of Legends

There are a ton of skins in LoL. To be specific, at this moment, there are 1211 champion skins in the game. If you want to buy every single skin, you will need 651,195 RP, which equals $3,556. 

In my opinion, champion skins are pricy, but if you want a specific one, then there’s no harm in purchasing 1 or 2 of them unless you are super-rich, haha.

LOL Skins Price Category:

  • 390 RP
  • 520 RP
  • 750 RP
  • 975 RP (Usual Skins)
  • 1350 RP (Epic Skins)
  • 1820 RP (Legendary Skins)
  • 2775 RP
  • 3250 RP (Ultimate Skin)

Advantage: You are not spending real money.

Disadvantage: It will take you years to own every single champion in the game only by spending the Blue Essence.

Final Thought

If you want to play the game just for fun as I do, don’t even bother to purchase the RP unless you like a skin or a champion and want it at any cost. We enjoy the game as it is without spending any money. 

We play with different champions and try to learn them, and as far as the ranked match is considered, We play it once in a while to test our skills. 

We hope this article about how much League of Legends costs is helpful to you. If the article is useful for you in any manner, then do share it on social media. Please stay connected with us for future updates. 

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