How Many People Play League of Legends?

According to the latest data published this year, this popular game League of Legends is played by 180 Million monthly players. League of Legends is one of the leading names in the gaming industry for the past decade. The game was developed and released back in 2009 by Riot Games. 

It was far different from what it is today, the game started to pick some traction in the gaming industry in 2011, and since then, the graph just went up.

In the gaming industry mammoths like Call of Duty, Minecraft, and Fortnight have millions of monthly active users. However, most of the time, almost every game’s popularity fades away after a specific time.

For example, Pokémon Go. The game did break several download and app store records, but today it simply isn’t as popular as it was. From over 45 million users playing Pokémon Go every day, now the numbers have fallen down to 5 million.

League of Legends has been ruling the gaming industry with consistent growth since the past decade. What’s the secret? Well, let’s first see some statistics about how many people play league of legends.

Statistics of League of Legends

Statistics Of League Of Legends

LOL was officially released in the Fall of 2009, and since then, the game has acquired a loyal fan base that keeps on growing in numbers. Below is the year-wise growth data for the game.

LOL Player Count in the Year 2011 – 11.5 Million

Back in 2011, as per the Riot official game data, the game had 5 million registered players, 5 million monthly players, 2 million daily players, and 3 million on the peak daily. These numbers don’t seem small for a game that was just 2 years old.

LOL Player Count in the Year 2012 – 32 Million

A year later, when the Riot officials published the stats on their site again, the game had – 70 million registered players, 32 million monthly, 12 million daily, and 3 million players on the peak days. 

LOL Player Count in the Year 2014 – 67 Million

The game almost grew double in popularity and player metrics two years later, which was an outstanding achievement.

LOL Players Count in the 2016 – 100 Million

This year the Riot officials did not release the data on their websites. However, Forbes and RiftHerald managed to assume it to be somewhere near the 100 million marks.

LOL Player Count in the 2017 – 78 Million 

Now, for the first time, the stats dropped in the year 2017. However, the game hooked in 80 million monthly users at the time. Not bad!

LOL Player Count in the 2018 – 81 Million

A slight growth concerning the past year.

LOL Player Count in the 2019 – 80 Million

Finally, at the 10th anniversary of the game, Riot officials once again published the data on their website and celebrated the game’s success.

At this point, even if the numbers were huge, the main celebration factor was the survival of the game in this ever-changing gaming industry.

LOL Players Count in the 2020 – 115 Million

There are about 115 million League of Legends players in the world as of the year 2020. While back in 2012, the game was housing roughly 12 million active players.

The game is now way beyond the mark of popularity. The developers no longer need to worry about the advertising as word of mouth has gotten pretty strong over the past decade.

LOL Players Count in the 2021 – 180 Million

Talking about the latest data in 2021, the League of Legends is currently played by about 180 Million monthly players. With such huge numbers of players, it has become the king of games.


The main reason for this game’s survival and growth over the past decade has been the variety that it offers inside. The players have 152 champions currently to choose from, each of them being different in their ways. 

The game does not have any ends in terms of exploration. It feeds the curiosity factor of the players.

The developers have consistently introduced new champions, maps, and fixed bugs, which had been the only reason and will be for the success of this or any other game on the planet.

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