The End Of League Of Legends Clubs (Clubs Removed)

Back in September, Riot Games announced that they were shutting down the League of Legends Clubs feature, which was widely used by the LOL players to form groups and play together and discuss the game, teams, updates, and champions, and almost pretty much.

The League of Legends clubs were removed as an exclusive feature with the patch update release in simpler words. Clubs in League of Legends were a social feature that allowed large groups of players to connect within the game and share views, play matches, and chat with one another. 

But on December 8th, 2020, the Riot officials decided to discontinue the League of Legends club feature with patch 10.25. League of Legends Clubs has been a part of the game for the last four years. However, like pretty much every multiplayer game. Players have been misusing this feature, which has led the game developers at Riot to shut it down ahead of the 2021 season.

While the club tags were an integral part of the LOL clubs that helped the players express themselves on the platform and talk about a certain champion and team. However, the product lead Jared ‘Karadwe’ Neuss says that he saw “alarming amounts of more inappropriate and malicious tags out there.”

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Due to the above reasons, on 8th December 2020, the club’s feature disappeared with patch 10.25. This clearly shows us what Riot Games is currently targeting at the moment. After this patch went live, all the features related to the League of Legends clubs like club tags, club chats, or club roaster information.

This was not great news for a lot of LOL players. Still, Karadwe said he hoped that the prior notice he gave before the patch gave the players enough time to migrate their communities over the platforms like Discord so that players could easily stay in touch with their friends in the League beyond.

Removing This Feature Is A Big Deal For Them

League Of Legends Clubs

However, Riot also announced that removing this feature will be a big deal for those who relied on it in the past. On the other hand, Riot officials almost encouraged the players to navigate to Discord and set up communities, thereby inviting the members of pre-existing League of Legends groups before the release of the patch update.

“Some of you are the members of Clubs that you might want to merge. Others may only want to keep in touch with limited people in their existing Clubs. Yet others may want to create a brand-new community consisting of people from their friend’s lists, people in existing Clubs, and people outside of League.

The choice is yours, and we hope this proves to be an excellent opportunity for you to carry forward your existing club relationships while forming some new ones.” Riot Karadwe said.

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So, by now, the clubs have disappeared, and players have hopefully migrated to platforms like Discord. What do you think about the League of Legends clubs removed? Let us know in the comments below.

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