29 Best Games Like Terraria

Are you looking for the best games like Terraria? If yes, then this article is for you. Below we have shared the 29 best games like Terraria.

If you loved your adventurous Terraria experience and are looking for something similar, given that you might have exhausted Terraria’s gameplay or just exploring the market for some additional fun games, then you have landed at the right place. Relogic’s epic 2D sandbox title Terraria was the biggest Indie game since its launch a decade ago. It is said to have sold over 27 million copies worldwide.

Terraria is a blend of retro-styled action and Minecraft-like 2D space. Something is gripping about the game that is only on playing is understood by most players. There are similar games like Terraria that you might like if, as said earlier, you’ve exhausted Terraria’s gameplay or just exploring the market for some additional fun games.

Best Games Like Terraria

1. Alchemage


At the end of the long day, there is nothing better than relaxing with this Early Access sandbox game. If Terraria has a clone or, let’s say, a lost sibling, then that has to be Alchemage. The players of the game revere the game with its immersive music, weather, and graphics altogether. These aspects and their similarity with Terraria add an excellent positive element to the game’s name!

Players of Alchemage find themselves in the land of mystery and must work to fulfill the hope of returning to their home. Along the line, players can build temporary homes and shelters, explore the world that claims as a mystery to them, face and fight the monsters and even join their friends in multiplayer mode and play together.

2. Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved

When it trickles down to the visual aspect that is sleek and realistic, then this survival-focused adventure developed by Studio Wildcard is the one that you can go for. However, beyond the intriguing aesthetics of the game at its very ore level, Ark: Survival Evolved is the same at the core level as that of the Terraria. The game starts with players on a vast island filled with dangers and crawling beasts accompanied by various hazards.

Terraria is expected to have a vast diversity of items to build and craft with, and it is the same with Ark Survival. The game is also similar to the freedom aspect, with a player needing to slay a few bosses let and right and reach an end ominous dungeon. The game has a profound fight-or-flight aspect accompanied by adventures for its players, making things more challenging and trickier.

3. Astroneer


You know a game is good when you keep on playing it and lose track of time. This ones pretty much falls in that category. It is addictive and has a timeless appeal to it that keeps the players wanting to accomplish more. This timeless appeal applies to Terraria as well and matches with this same game too. Astroneer is a visually simple game, yet the exploration and profound wilderness aspects are not compromised. It also offers plenty for those who love solo exploration through its co-op feature, which multiplies the enjoyment and experience.

The game has a tinge that’s similar to that of Minecraft, but at the same time, it seems to have fused with a sci-fi film, The Martian. An astronaut must venture forward to foreign planets to forage and seek out the crafting resources. These tasks enable the players to complete challenges, reshape the land and construct housing systems.

4. Craft The World

Craft The World

With reference to the description of this game, it’s apparent that Craft The World has some aspects of Terraria, Dwarf Fortress, and Dungeon Keeper in it for its enjoyable world. These all add up to make a dynamic and addictive game that’s partially a sandbox and somewhat and strategy-sim.

The game focuses more on managing and building the fortress simultaneously rather than active adventuring, but then there’s a vibe that matches the Re-Logic’s game when it boils down to staving off attacks. It also reminds the players of one of the super-aggressive mobs from the Terraria the players faced during the hostile nights at home base. If you like to show off your indestructible fortress that can stand the aggressive mobs like that in Terraria, then definitely try out this fantastic game!

5. Crea


Crea has many similarities to Terraria thanks to its RPG genre and a vibe set apart in a great light. There are over 80 skills to learn through the game’s talent system, and the player simultaneously levels up instead of improving their gear.

The game has its unique background, history, lore, monsters, and robust crafting system unique talents to defeat and lands and dungeons for exploration. The game is an excellent choice for people who are in love with the RPG elements and Terraria.

6. Dig or Die

Dig or Die

Frequently it is tough to mark a genre of a game as a favorite since it always appeals and seems interesting when games create a genre by combining more than one genre and starting a new one altogether. Die or Die is a Sci-Fi, tower defense, and sandbox match all in one. The reviews of the game mark are working out pretty well, apart from the excessive exploration and mining, tile system, and night dangers. Dig or Die is a little different from Terraria.

One of the tremendous challenges is to ward off the intelligent and craft enemies at night whose intelligence seems only to be increasing. They can destroy the walls in their path to get to the players and their valuable resources. The game movements are fluid and have good controls, a fun crafting system that encourages building, and unique weapons.

7. Dig-N-Rig


Players were initially drawn to Terraria due to its colorful retro style that reminded its players of the 8-bit or the early 16-bit software. Dig-N-Rig gives rise to the same retro feeling aesthetically. Still, it even surpasses it even further back in time with its blocky visuals that highly resemble early 80s PC software.

The game is crafted by the students of DigiPen, which mainly focuses on resource collection and mining activities but dilutes things down too much simpler mechanics and premise. Players can take control of mining robots who help to arrest resources and lay down conveyor belts. With mining, crafting, and a more specific aspect but inventive, this game is similar to the Terraria Formula.

8. Don’t Starve

Don't Starve

Don’t Starve is an indie game published by Klei Entertainment, same as that of the Terraria though it shares more in common like the sense of urgency as most of the time is spent in the dangerous lands fighting for survival.

Don’t Starve players start from the dark and dismal foreign worlds, which is to be explored and collect resources, make settlements, and doing the necessary things to keep one progressing. The game is quite creepy as the hordes of crazy monsters grow and create challenges from time to time.

9. Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is a pretty underrated sandbox game. A sequel to Dragon Quest Builders’ reason might be its too-cute visuals, which opened the opportunities for its competition, the popular mainline DQ games. Though the game itself is pretty diverse, as well as the experience that it provides. The game offers an RPG plot, a gripping campaign, and monster-slaying combat.

10. Eco


Eco starts by players being on a rocky deserted island, and the main objective is to destroy the meteor heading rapidly towards Earth. By ‘rapidly’ meaning you have 30 real-life days to save the planet and prevent the planet from succumbing to the effects of the pollution too—a perfect game for those who like the time-bound product.

11. Factorio


Factorio is a game developed by Wube software that automates collecting the items for the players. The resource collection activities are performed to suck a planet dry of its natural resources. Plants on Factorio are without human life where you are free to dig to the deepest depths and mine every inch of the land without worrying about the consequences.

Factorio soon turns into a get-rich-quick obsession for the players for extreme machine efficiency. Players spend weeks designing a facility only to scrap it due to a single efficiency that highlights itself. Be aware!

12. Forager


Forager is said to be a mix of Zelda, Stardew Valley, and Terraria. It’s a tall order to compare a game to such esteemed titles. Yet, Forager is addictive, and its adorable graphics are more than enough to lure the players into its kingdom. The game is for the players in love with crafting games with a survival aspect to it. The game is so exciting and focused on its fighting and building aspect that many have reported spending hours that seemed like minutes.

The prime goal in Forager is to purchase land, explore the grounds and build on the lands by clearing and developing the lands to unlock more resources and gameplay. It is not limited to that, too, as battling is another critical component of the game. Also, defeating monsters and raiding dungeons go hand in hand throughout the gameplay and keep the player engaged.

13. Grounded


Grounded is a survival game developed by Obsidian Entertainment as the player has been shrunk in size and thrown into their backyard. The game is a survival sandbox where seemingly small challenges to the average eye become a survival challenge for those shrunken. Up to four players can team up and survive in the potentially big small world where the ants seem to be the size of the triceratops. Gathering materials and fighting for survival using an arsenal of makeshift weapons made from twigs and leaves seem the only option after being shrunken.

A story mode also showcases how and why the players find themselves in the ‘tiny’ situation. The game is currently under development and is available to play as an early access game. Grounded is a fantastic solo experience that’s also backed by excellent multiplayer, so do bring some friends and try surviving in the seeming small turned big world.

14. Growtopia


Growtopia has more in common with Terraria in more than one way. The sandbox game is the same adventurous and has its crafting elements and makes them even more accessible. Unlike some of them, this can be played on any modern platform imaginable, including mobile devices.

The game to the eyes is a cute little MMO. Players that appreciate the multiplayer and building aspects of the Terraria can enjoy the game to its most total capacity. Those looking for a break from getting harassed by the giant spiders and zombies should look at Growtopia.

15. Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is similar to open-ended exploration and combat in the epic Metroidvania, though if you are looking for a break from building and mining, then this is for you. The game is in an underground labyrinth covered with a notably eerie solid atmosphere, similar to Terraria’s underground chasms and mines.

The 2D side-scrolling offers more freedom as the players explore the vast expanses interlaced with corridors and dungeons. The exploration is filled with thrilling combat and an intricate progression system that captures some style of Terraria’s. This game developed by Team Cherry’ is a captivating experience altogether.

16. It Lurks Below

It Lurks Below

This game, released back in 2018, has a lot in common with Terraria, especially its aesthetics and gameplay style. It Lurks Below is a survival RPG that is action-oriented to its core. It has stats and classes that characters fall in, creating a hierarchy that satisfies the games familiar with RPGs. The game has random self-generating underground levels that bring you as the player and plenty of enemies, excitement, and items face to face.

The game has been said to have frequent update patches since it was released in 2018. There is a lot to keep its players engaged and entertained, including farming, cooking, crafting potions, quests, holiday events, and loads of weapons.

17. Minecraft (75 hours)


Minecraft has been riding on the waves of its massive success since its 2011 launch, it has been a Java-based indie from the humble beginning, and this fact many tend to forget. Even before the famous addictions like the Ender Dragon and the ominous Nether, this open-world journey could go on without any breaks. The gameplay is deep and hugely rewarding. It is more than easy to get lost in these blocks for months on end.

The game got tweaked throughout the years with add-ons, which gave Minecraft a more streamlined experience. Yet, even though one chooses to follow a linear path, the game would still take a whopping 75 hours to end as players require to spend ample time finding assembling materials and strengthening them.

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18. Planet Centauri

Planet Centauri

Planet Centauri was developed by Permadeath, a 2D sandbox survival and adventure game that requires protecting a tribe of NPCs from foreign invaders. The game is set on a planet that’s filled with its unique wildlife you can summon on your will during battle. The wildlife includes chickens to the dinosaurs who tower over the buildings. There are over 50 different monster lives in Planet Centauri, with more being added along the line. The basic game mechanics include gathering material and crafting materials out of them and fighting off baddies, but the game’s selling point remains its monster taming.

The game can also be modded, and the new features include monsters and overall improved AI. People knowing the LUA script can create their mods for the game. The game is currently Early Access, and hence it has some rough edges in its dynamic world. The team behind the curtains, the DEVs, are pretty passionate and release updates every month. If you want Terraria to have narrative-driven city building, spell crafting, and zest of Pokémon, then look no further as Planet Centauri is here to your rescue.

19. Raft


If we take the survival aspects of Terraria and Minecraft and shift the whole set to the open sea, then it combines to make this hidden PC gem- Raft. Similar to that of the Re-Logic romp, Raft players put their wits, items to use to survive the hostile and vulnerable conditions around them.

The game takes a minimal approach, yet there’s enough to occupy oneself on the crucial lifesaving raft while performing a variety of tasks like staving off ample shark attacks now and then.

20. Rust


The games the Terraria fans love playing are where they have to create things to survive. Rust has the survival aspect laced with beautiful 4K graphics, making this game even more desirable for Terraria lovers.

Rust is a popular game that can be viewed upon any video platform before actually playing it. In the game, the players come face to face with callous enemies that may either be beasts or even men at times, depends on sheer luck.

21. Scrapnaut


Scrapnaut is one of the games that are not to be missed. With its steampunk vibes and intriguing visuals, Scrapnaut highly appeals to the one that loves building and crafting while dealing with essentials like oxygen, electricity, and more.

Like Terraria, Scrapnaut is an open-world sandbox game based in adventurous lands. If you are the one that likes these kinds of aspects to their games, you must check out this game!

22. Space Engineers

Space Engineers

Space Engineers was developed and published by Keen Software House. It is a voxel-based sandbox game for those who prefer things rooted a bit more in reality. The gameplay is driven by a high-class and powerful physics system to add a realistic touch. Planets are mined for resources until they run dry to build a base on an alien planet.

Players can also construct custom spaceships which they can use to engage in fights against rival forces that can be AI or even other real players. It has a lot of freedom to it, and at times it seems overwhelming in a good way. The game is creative, and its uncompromised physics realism is enough for players to start falling in love with the game within no time. Also, if one sticks with it for some time and masters the game controls, it comes with a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

23. Spelunky


Spelunky is a delightful mining adventure that Terraria fans would find themselves familiar with. There is a similarity that goes as one starts the exploration, slaying monsters and collecting treasures. The game has scattered hazards all over inside it, which makes it challenging for the player and fun at the same time.

Although the game is free to play, it has enough depth to it, surprisingly. The player navigates the randomly generating area and slaying hordes of monsters, giving enough thrill for hours together. There is also a multiplayer option where players can play with up to 4 players in total.

24. Spiritfarer


Spritfarer takes the player on a journey as Stella, who is the newly appointed Spritfarer. It is an excellent game based on the acceptance of death and grief. It is the job of Stella to take the mortals to their destination and say the final goodbyes, which leads to some very emotionally powerful scenes that are accompanied by beautiful gameplay.

One can say that the visual aspects of the game are not similar to that of Terraria, but players will find themselves building and creating objects on the boat without any battles.

25. Starbound


If Terraria were to be played in space, you’d get Starbound which was developed and published by ‘Chucklefish’ as the product as it looks, feels, and evens plays like that of Terraria. However, unlike Terraria, where there is a single massive map that generates randomly. In Starbound, players experience adventures that cross even worlds. Terraria fans are definitely up for enjoying the sheer variety that Starbound has to provide with its countless worlds.

Each world that a player steps in has its geography generated procedurally from more than a dozen types to ensure that every world the player experiences feels a fresh experience. The game might have different planets to explore, but none compare to the sheer scale of the map in Terraria. With vast amounts of wildlife, worlds, and environmental challenges, you are certainly never running out of things.

26. Steamworld Dig 2

Steamworld Dig 2

Steamworld Dig 2 matches Terraria with its mining, exploration, and combat traits rather than the building. Yet there is no dip in the experience as it is vast, addicting, and somewhat complex, which most players also like, which is expected from this cute cartoony indie game. Players in the Steamworld are hunting and mining the nights away as they have assumed the role of a steam-powered robot whose name is Dorothy.

Players venture from one biome to another that’s more distinct than the one before searching for riches, assets, and equipment. The main character has its humble beginning with only one pickaxe. Along the way, the character juices itself with more advanced and efficient tools and abilities like the bomb launcher, which will help her (Dorothy) face the Terraria style thrilling bosses.

27. Subnautica


Subnautica was developed and published by Unknown Worlds Entertainment and is available on the platforms like Mac, PC, Xbox One PS4, and Switch. This one does not occur on the lands or in the space, but rather the player takes a deep dive into the sea. The story starts with you being the sole survivor in a spaceship crash that lands on an alien planet, and you find yourself in an escape pod that’s floating in the middle of the ocean. The survival-adventure aspect of the game allows you as a player to explore the biome around you, collect the raw materials, and craft the items out of it, enabling you to call for help from your people and go home.

Things begin innocuously at first, and the water around seems clear, and wildlife hints at its harmless nature accompanied by an incredible view. However, as the exploration and actions to escape the place begin and you take a deeper dive into the ocean that gets darker as you go deeper and deeper, uncertainty rises to its peak as there might be creatures waiting for their next meal. The game is more exploration-driven like many on the list, and some even quote it as a “deep-sea horror.” But there’s a guarantee that all its elements together will have people’s hearts beating in jumps and thoughts of uncertainty racing wildly.

28. The Survivalists

The Survivalists

This one’s a visually pleasing game with its toony graphics. The game bundles as a premise that most of the Terraria players will enjoy. Similar to that of Terraria, the players can build, fight, explore and simultaneously have the freedom to do absolutely anything in the world of ‘The Survivalists.’

The essence of the games matches that of Terraria and surely would attract Terraria lovers with ease.

29. Tinkertown


Tinkertown is an Indie adventure-focused RPG focusing on the building mechanics that attracted vast amounts of Terraria players. If you have the one that has exhausted Terraria’s gameplay and needs something similar to it, then Tinkertown is the answer with multiple items and dangers backed by frequent updates

Tinkertown visuals can be described as ‘beautifully simple. It has a very Minecraft-like feel to it where one has the freedom of bringing their heart’s content into reality. This is something that is bound to appeal to the Terraria crowd.

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